11184horrorfest.jpgHorrorfest returns for more blood, violence and gore, oh my!
Halloween is nearly upon us and you know what that means; the ghouls and ghosts are about to come out of the closet. It also means that horror movie aficionados are in their element as Horrorfest comes to town.
Posted: 2011-10-18 - 10:37:26 in news
destroy_all_planets_a.jpgCELLUDROID Sci-Fi / Anime / Fantasy Film Festival
When good things happen to quiet people and why you should be excited
Posted: 2009-09-15 - 10:40:26 in articles
moonlogo1_m.jpgSouth African Horrorfest Film Festival
A week of horror on the big scream!
Posted: 2009-08-22 - 15:40:20 in news
celludroid_a.jpgSouth Africa’s First SciFi / Fantasy / Anime Film Festival
Flamedrop will be hosting a Film Festival at The Labia on Kloof Street!
Posted: 2009-08-21 - 17:12:20 in articles


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