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15603img_4353.jpgCognition Factor
Stop telling your friends to watch Zeitgeist and What the Bleep Do We Know.
Posted: 2011-04-06 @ 09:40:24 in articles > interviews
50658img_7746.jpgWe asked Alkaline Trio and Funeral for a Friend Some Questions. To their FACES.
We got invited to a press conference. These guys were there.
Posted: 2011-03-10 @ 08:45:19 in articles > interviews
76515_488551876211_665846211_7587742_7748861_n.jpgZombies on the Grass, Alas
So on October 31, this past Halloween Sunday, Cape Town became infested with zombies. Well, cooler than that - people who had all pre-agreed and promised on the Internet to DRESS UP and PRETEND to be zombies and mingle in public. And stay in character.
Posted: 2010-11-03 @ 21:57:57 in articles > interviews
we1.jpgThe Wild Eyes - Interviewed
The Wild Eyes get down to some important questions about Zoo Biscuits
Posted: 2010-11-03 @ 16:28:03 in articles > interviews
moonlogo1_m.jpgPaul Blom - Interviewed
We chat to the Queen Alien birthmother of the Horrorfest. Not that Paul is a queen. Or a mother.
Posted: 2010-11-03 @ 16:00:08 in articles > interviews
gedc0071.jpgFaith No More Tribute Show - We Care Alot
We pick at Artur Pereiras brain about the gentle art of making tribute shows .
Posted: 2009-08-07 @ 14:08:36 in articles > interviews
ing5.jpgIng Interview
Hello peeps. Here we are asking some questions to Mr. Hatemonger himself, Bryan Viljoen. Firstly for those of you old enough to remember, Id like to state that he has no affiliation to the former SADF general sharing the same surname (I think).
Posted: 2007-10-16 @ 22:53:13 in articles > interviews
witchopt.jpgWitchcraft Interview
Fred pokes a spoon into the cranial cavity of a member of Swedish stoner rock slash doom metal (or not) band Witchcraft, and serves you a generous scooping.
Posted: 2006-03-15 @ 00:11:40 in articles > interviews
imgp0316.jpgMind Assault Interview
After a long and tormenting drive along Baden Powel Drive, Alternative Eyes two less than capable journalists - Ainz and Ant - went to visit Mind Assault at their Strand computer-shop / jam room for some beers, an interview and a private lap dance.
Posted: 2005-11-07 @ 18:39:55 in articles > interviews
imgp0156.jpgAndy - a breath of fresh air
People can say what they like, but the renaissance of Cape Town s alternative music scene would not have been possible without one bald headed, rug-sack bearing freak in particular: Andy Hawes of Parow. Hes 32; he lives with his parents; he has a game boy advanced; but make no mistake, hes our very own William Wallace.
Posted: 2005-09-15 @ 02:06:05 in articles > interviews


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