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Since its humble beginnings by a dedicated group of individuals adamant to create a festival of Horror on South African soil (and not deterred by the rare sponsorship backing options), the S.A. HORRORFEST has grown systematically and from strength-to-strength.

South African
5th Anniversary
Halloween Season
29 October - 5 November
@ The Labia Theatre, Cape Town, South Africa

The South African HORRORFEST hits the half decade mark!

Since its humble beginnings by a dedicated group of individuals adamant to create a festival of Horror on South African soil (and not deterred by the rare sponsorship backing options), the S.A. HORRORFEST has grown systematically and from strength-to-strength. The HORRORFEST has not only generating a platform for indie movie-makers to get their work on the big screen (and in front of a targeted audience), but has also inspiring a wide range of South African movie-makers to create more daring, experimental and exciting work.

The call for short- and feature film submissions is open.
Get all the info you need at the Submission chapter of the official website:

Expect another week over Halloween season filled with rare-, classic- and indie movies and short films on the big screen, special preview screenings of new big screen releases, Halloween dress-up, a live soundtrack performed to the screening of a silent horror/chiller by Terminatryx and special guests (incl. members from LARK), a range of peripheral activity, and of course cool prizes & give-aways (including a sizable production prize for the best locally produced short flick).

The Movies:

Since its genesis, the HORRORFEST has screened a range of chilling movies from around the globe including the USA, UK, Germany, Australia, Finland, Spain, Canada, Italy etc., with everything from vampires and zombies, to ghosts, aliens and madmen.

The HorrorFest will continue its tradition of giving cinefans the opportunity to see movies on the big screen, with many rare ones which may not even reach South African video stores, now or in the future.

The Short Film Competition:

Since the creation of the S.A. HorrorFest, the short film section has been an integral part, the organizers adamant to encourage and nurture genre movie making, especially on local soil. The original collection of short movies in 2005 grew from 70 minutes to the mammoth 6hrs+ (across three feature film length collections) in 2008!

Having been with us since 2006, the generous folks at VISUAL IMPACT and HDhub is again on board with a great HD production prize for a week’s shoot & edit including camera, lighting and a MacBook with Final Cut Pro.

The best foreign short film will also be announced (and awarded with an official South African HORRORFEST certificate).  Various top categories (for both short- and feature films screened at the festival) will also be selected.

An additional prize has been added! Something Wicked Magazine is putting up R1000 cash for the best locally written short film screenplay.

Short- and feature film submission info:

2009 Festival Announcement “Twilight” DVD give-away:

To celebrate the first official announcement of the 2009 South African HORRORFEST, we have copies of the highly popular TWILIGHT to give away on DVD, courtesy of Nu Metro Home Entertainment.

Head down to the Flamedrop / Shadow Realm review for competition details -

The HORRORFEST Finally Hits The Rest of South Africa!:

2009 will also see the HorrorFest reaching the Northern parts of South Africa for the first time on 8 August, in the shape of the live original soundtrack performance (by members of Terminatryx, Lark and Dawn Treader) to the screening of the classic silent vampire movie NOSFERATU, at this year’s OPPI KOPPI, the country’s biggest music festival! -

(see additional detailed info on this special performance below this message).

Audience Give-Aways:

As is customary, loads of cool audience give-aways will again precede all the shows (courtesy Ster Kinekor-, Nu Metro-, and Sting Home Entertainment). What will also be included this year is an audience poll and vote on favourites and what people would like in the future - from these a winner will get one serious horror DVD collection!
The best dressed costumes on Halloween also win some cool goodies (like Friday The 13th hockey mask mouse & blood-filled mouse pad sets etc.).

Live Soundtrack:

The two jam-packed live soundtrack performances last year to the amazing HÄXAN had many audience members proclaiming it was the best one yet, but each HorrorFest it is the aim to outdo the one before.

This year the classic silent movie will again be a rarely seen installment, the 1925 Italian made MACISTE IN HELL (Maciste all’inferno), directed by Guido Brignone - an amazingly visualized trip to rival Dante’s Inferno.

Paul and Sonja from TERMINATRYX will again be joined on stage by Simon and Sean from LARK to create a diverse, vibrant and exciting new soundtrack, performing it live to the movie’s screening.

Unfortunately the HorrorFest Ensemble’s resident violinist Matthijs Van Dijk will be expanding his musical mind abroad at the time of the festival, so another one or two additional musicians may be incorporated.

Short Story Competition & Dark Photography / Art Exhibition:

With the eternal drive to expand the HorrorFest to include more than just movies, this year a horror short story competition is also being looked at, as well as an exhibition of horror / dark / fantasy photography and art.

More details to follow.


Follow the South African HORRORFEST preparations, updates, news clips, info and competitions leading up to the festival and happenings during its run at the Labia Theatre.

Twitter link -


For additional info, interviews, high res pics, video clips etc., please contact Paul on

Additional Film Festivals:
Flamedrop and Shadow Realm, inc. also created the X FEST Extreme Film Festival, and the forthcoming CELLUDROID Sci-Fi / Anime / Fantasy Film Festival. CINEMANIACS features movies for special cinematic events.


A big thank you to everyone supporting the festival over the last 5 years, and our long-time partners and affiliates:

Visual Impact / HD Hub / Magus
Something Wicked Magazine
The Labia Theatre
Flamedrop Productions

Updates on the festival will go out regularly.

Spread the word like a zombie plague!

Paul Blom - Festival Director
Sonja Ruppersberg - Festival Co-ordinator

Flamedrop Productions / Shadow Realm, inc.

Tel: +27 (0)21 434 3825
Cell: +27 (0)82 92 88337

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South African horrorfest film festival 2009
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