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Underworld Presents: Crimson Kiss @ Wadda


    From | 2009-08-29 @ 20:00 | To | 2009-08-29 @ 04:00

    Venue | Wadda, Stegman Road, Claremont


What's Happening?

    After a long wait:

    2009 Underworld Presents: CRIMSON KISS

    Come revel in the dance of the dark, bare your soul to the creatures of the night.
    Taste the warmth of skin and the sweetness of blood on your lips.

    Dress Code:
    Vampire Beauty and fanged creatures of the night.
    Bring out the horror and the beauty of the darkness.

    Minstrel, Strahd, Relic, Hellscreamer, Relaxer, LuciPurr, HarM & guests
    (Goth, Alternative, EBM)

    On the night
    Bar specials (Shooter & Cocktail menu)
    Wolf Clothing
    Other awsome suprises

    Secure parking at the end of Stegman Road (R10) or in Stadium on Main (Pay parking)

    Cover charge: R20 before 11pm, R30 thereafter

    Why be anywhere else, when this is where the party of the night is happening. See you at Underworld.

    No Under 18’s

    Source: Facebook Group


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