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TOUCHED BY NAUSEA - Split cd launch


    From | 2012-07-27 @ 19:30 | To | 2012-07-27 @ 03:00

    Venue | The Bohemian - 5 Park Road Richmond, Johannesburg


What's Happening?

    Split cd launch with Total Bloody Chaos (UK). 1st 50 cds will include Conquest For Death (USA) on the split.

    Track listing:
    1//Black Heart
    2//Work for yourself (and not the company)
    3//Innocence at War
    4//The Ecological Footprint

    5//They Fuck You
    6//Brain Dead
    7//Her Wish
    8//New World Order

    CFD (1st 50 only)
    10//Many Nations One Underground
    11//Anywhere, Everywhere
    12//Hell in a Very Small Place
    13//Iron Rations
    14//El Neuvo Alarma
    15//Life as a Flash Back
    16//Where the City Ceases..The Fear Begins
    17//Playing The Victim (Brian vocals)

    R60 entrance includes the cd. R30 normal entrance

    Tearing your face off with their melodies will be :

    -BRAFCHARGE (members of JV & The Carburetors, Touched By Nausea, The Moths)
    + 1 more TBC (To Be Confirmed - unfortunately TBC - Total Bloody Chaos won’t be playing, but have their launch the next day in UK)


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