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'THE BAND WACKOFF 2012' presented by ROAR and the NRRGG


    From | 2012-01-26 @ 18:00 | To | 2012-01-26 @ 01:00

    Venue | ROAR


What's Happening?

    The Niva Rock&Roll Gig Guide, Gandalf’s and R.O.A.R will be bringing you the first ever BAND WACKOFF starting with the knockout rounds, then finals. There will be an ’all you can drink’ policy once you are in the venue! ENTRY TO ALL 3 VENUES!

    R.O.A.R (Upstairs to Gandalf’s) THE BAND WACKOFF 2012 - win prizes, tattoo vouchers, skateboards, merch etc.

    Gandalfs/Pandemonium (Downstairs) Dj’s, drinking games, pretty ladies and more free drinks!

    Fee: R25 for ladies, R50 for guys. (once inside all drinks are free 9pm -2am at bar 2 in Gandalf’s)
    First Knockout date: Thursday, 5 January.


    To submit your band, just comment on the event page.

    1.After commenting on the event wall, the band must proceed to deposit a R150.00 administration fee (Please mail info@nivarecords for banking details). The band must then begin to market the event using Facebook as a medium.

    The band voted to have completed this the best will receive a cash prize, a stage banner with band logo & 200 promotional stickers on the night of their first knockout performance.

    Any styles/genres may enter this event.

    The judging will begin after the first 2 steps have been completed. 15% of the band’s overall score will be determined by their Facebook participation.

    Judging at all the event nights will be done by 4 employees not connected to R.O.A.R or Niva.

    Judging will focus heavily on the following areas as well as many others:
    *Set up time, set length, break down time.
    *Overall professionalism of the band
    *Crowd interaction
    *Individual members will be marked on his/her instrument knowledge and playing ability.
    *Did you have a following at the show? (Knockout’s & Final)
    *Potential for the future

    No member, band or employee of Niva may enter this event.
    There are no limitations for bands regarding recordings and videos, if you have them its a bonus and may act in your favour very slightly, but if you don’t, you may still enter the event as the majority of points are scored on the event night themselves.


    Winner of each knockout round will receive a free ad in The NRRGG to promote their final and future performances.

    Winner of final will walk away with a cash prize, professional live recording, studio time, professional photo shoot, article in the NRRGG, band advertising for 6 months, Band signage (Banners, stickers), interview on MFM, UCTFM and MuthaFM, Tattoo Vouchers & Band Merchandise line.

    Knockout - 5 & 12 January 2012
    Final - 26 January 2012

                072 536 0639      

    Apply now, we want the best band to win!




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