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The Assault @ Double D's


    From | 2012-06-02 @ 19:00 | To | 2012-06-02 @ 02:00

    Venue | Double D's - Unit 51 Stella cove, Stella road, Montague Garden, Cape Town


What's Happening?


    After a very successful few evenings at DD’s
    DD’s is proud to announce that we are hosting an insane line up of metal! :D
    This is an all ages event, but if you want to drink, please bring ID or YOU WILL NOT BE GIVEN AN OVER 18 BAND. (ID is compulsory)
    There is a cash bar, so please bring your money if you would like to drink. There are new bartenders and are very strict about under ages being served. YOU HAVE TO BRING YOUR ID or else you won’t be served.
    You are STRICTLY not allowed to bring your own alcohol. Bags WILL be check at the entrance and alcohol will be confiscated and WILL NOT be given back to you.

    Prices : R30 for all to get in
    Date : 2nd June 2012
    Time : 7:00pm till 2:00am

    Band Time And Slots

    20:00 - 20:45 - The Impalement Theory
    20:45 - 21:45 - ...Ing
    21:45 - 22:45 - Mind Assault
    22:45 - 23:45 - Imperium Of Man

    Double Brandy and coke - R15
    Double Vodka and lemonade lime - R15
    Shots - R10
    BODY SHOTS - R10 (FREE after Midnight!!)
    Jam Jars (1L) - R40
    Mystery Jam Jar (5L) - R100

    More Info will be released in due time.


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Submitted By | Phil


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