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Symphonic Schizophrenia ALBUM LAUNCH with Strident


    From | 2009-11-14 @ 20:00 | To | 2009-11-14 @ 01:00

    Venue | Eye of Horus Pub, Cnr Raglan & John X Merriman Street, Bellville (Cape Town)


What's Happening?


    .....The moment has finally arrived.....

    Saturday 14 November at the Eye of Horus will be the official launch of Symphonic Schizophrenia’s first live album :

    To Put the Fear in Us

    This debut album includes 5 live songs and one studio track. What makes this album so special is that absolutely every aspect of this album was done independently by the band. From writing the music to mixing the album to creating artwork - it is a must have for all fans of instrumental metal!

    * CD’s and T-shirts will be available at the event

    * There are a few surprises in store for everyone on the night...a lot of planning has gone into making this a kick-ass event - DO NOT MISS IT!!

    * Free giveaways - a few lucky fans will go home with some free merchandise

    *R30 entrance fee

    Helping us make this a face melting and VERY Epic night :

    STRIDENT - Epic South African Power Metal

    Strident will be performing as well on the night with a very special surprise from their side as well!


Submitted By | Candice KB


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