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    From | 2012-06-02 @ 10:00 | To | 2012-06-02 @ 03:00

    Venue | Gantsi Community Hall in Gantsi-Pres - Western Botswana


What's Happening?

    At Gantsi Community Hall in Gantsi-Pres: Overthrust (Gantsi), Remuda (Maun), Skeletal Saints (Maun), Disciplinary (Maun), Wraith (Maun), Simple Sex (Maun), Dreamers Band (Maun), PMMA (Maun), Dust N Fire (Letlhakane/Zowa), High Voltage (Palapye) and Donna Boy and Rock CityBand (Gabz).Bar Selling hard and soft drinks,snacks and ciggarets available at the venue).stalls of cooked food and merchandise from various local and international bands.The venue will be turned into something like an international market day. There will be "lost and found" house where people wil be taking lost properties to for claim by their rightful owners.A Dj will will be playing from 0800am till 5pm to warm up audians and venue then at 1800hrs the first band starts to prepare to play.there will be litter picking in the morning at 0800 till 0830am,car wash,bike wash and display around 1100hrs to 1600hrs.then "March against poverty" around 1700pm to the hall combined with motorcade and bke riding,"ride against poverty" to the hall.there will be tebelopele department,Bocongo and other various media departments to cover the scene.more info will come as time goes on! lets make it big fellows!


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