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    From | 2009-12-04 @ 20:05 | To | 2009-12-04 @ 02:00

    Venue | Mercury Live, 43 De Villiers Street, Zonnebloem, Cape Town


What's Happening?

    Join us on Friday the 4th of December for what promises to be one of the Summer’s most electrifying shows!


    Our music is a bracing kind of consolation in the brief privilege of consciousness. A moment in time left for us, and all those who care to listen. It’s that absorbing variation on a constantly changing theme...where will we go next? And how will we get there?

    It’s about music, isn’t it. The sudden chop of an augmented chord, a note held against the tide of harmony, a judiciously flattened fifth, a seventh bent in sensuous micro tones. A passing soulful dissonance. A rhythmic gift of upending expectation. A place where Tone and Time meet, a strange and worldly joy...

    This will be the last Cape Town show for Isochronous and will end off a great year for the band! Their previous shows at Mercury Live earlier in the year were some the best gigs of 2009 and this promises to be the most spectacular show yet!!!

    They’ll be joined by Cape Town sons, THE SLEEPERS!

    R40 Gets you in before 10PM - R50 After

    Get there early!


Submitted By | Candice KB


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