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***Heritage Fest***


    From | 2009-09-23 @ 18:00 | To | 2009-09-23 @ 02:00

    Venue | Boston's Rock Lounge, Van Riebeek Avenue, Edenvale


What's Happening?


    Contact: 0785405995 or


    This will rape your ears!

    As you all know Guerrilla Events offer a unique fest every month. And the month of September is no different!

    We are proud to present: Heritage fest!!!
    A 4 day festival which starts @ 6pm everyday!

    And here are the bands that will rock your socks off!

    23rd September:

    * Cimeries
    * Bringing A Shark To A Gunfight
    * Set Alight The Sea
    * A Perfect Travisty
    * Execute the Wounded
    * Their Death Becomes Her

    24th September:

    * NeVaMe
    * I Saw Red
    * State Dependency
    * Die the Betrayer
    * 11th Hour
    * Torment
    * Wake Up Dead

    25th September:

    * Abominor
    * Laconia
    * Empery
    * Hour of Blight
    * Calamity

    26th September:

    * The Undefind (cpt)
    * Soul of a new machine (nelspruit)
    * The Hollow (dbn)
    * ...and winter (nelspruit)
    * Visus
    * Stigmata Dawn (nelspruit)
    * Gadabout

    * Event is open to all ages
    * I.d will be requested @ the bar
    * No alcohol allowed out of the venue
    * R100 for all 4 days or R30 per day
    * Doors will open @ 6pm everyday
    * First band on @ 7:15pm everyday
    * Drink specials such as:- Potency for R5
    - Brandy and coke for R15
    - Local beer for R11
    * Food specials available for those who get the munchies
    * 9 pool tables and a bigscreen t.v with your favourite international and local artist videos

    Come join us and the bands and lets celebrate Heritage day the Guerrilla Events way!

    For the 4 day R100 deal contact: Adam: 0785405995
    Clive: 0824076135

    Bring the world!!!!
    This will rip you a new one!


Submitted By | Candice KB


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