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    From | 2009-10-31 @ 20:00 | To | 2009-10-31 @ 05:00

    Venue | Gandalfs/ROAR/Gotham - 299 Lower Main Rd, Observatory, Cape Town


What's Happening?

    On the 31st October we will be celebrating one of the scariest nights of the year. With the combined forces of Bloodpact Entertainment and 7 Deadly Sins Fetish Events & Alternative Promotions.

    The Sexy Sin Girls and the Bloodpact girls are back so keep an eye out for them...

    So far we have an awesome band line-up and prizes will be given out to the best dressed male and female.

    Keep your eyes on this event for more info to come such as band line-up, giveaways, drink specials etc!!

    Source: Facebook Event (Below)



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