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    From | 2012-06-09 @ 20:00 | To | 2012-06-09 @ 02:00

    Venue | The Russian Club C/O Queen & New Str Durbanvile


What's Happening?

    Goth Metal & Industrial Party hosted by DJ Nytrox and DJ Cyan to rock Durbanville.

    From old school metal to black metal, old goth to the newest industrial music. 

    This event is for everyone in the alternative scene, unite forces to kick June off on a good note.

    Please pre book tickets at R20 per ticket by the hosts of this event, Phillip Fourie 072 442 1312 and Gio-Cyan V-Empyre PenteHolocaust VonFilth. 

    This is the only way we can get the venue by having as many attendees as possible.

    Please come and support the scene.

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Submitted By | Phil


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