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Desmond and the Tutus EP Launch!


    From | 2009-08-08 @ 19:00 | To | 2009-08-08 @ 02:00

    Venue | Jesters Alternative Club, 92 Westbourne Road, Mount Croix, Port Elizabeth


What's Happening?


    Contact: 0769857911 or


    Desmond and the Tutus (JHB)
    City Bowl Mizers (DBN)
    10 Points for the Dismount (GHT)
    10 Story Fall (PE)
    The Modes (PE)

    Desmond and the Tutus will be doing their EP Launch on this night and there will be loads of merch for sale so bring some extra cash with you.

    Entrance only R40!


Submitted By | Candice KB


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