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Agro Live Video Shoot!


    From | 2009-09-19 @ 18:00 | To | 2009-09-19 @ 02:00

    Venue | Boston Rock Lounge, van Reibeeck ave, Edenvale


What's Happening?


    Damage: FREE

    Contact: 0820926228 or


    Be part of this historical event as AGRO performs their new material on stage at BRL! To add to an already awesome event, the band has decided to shoot a video for their new album, the 7th in an illustrious career on site and they want YOUR mug in the video! Yes! YOU’LL be seen dancing, drinking, headbanging and moshing by the whole world when the video gets released !

    But hey, there’s more! This gig is totally FREE.......No cover at the door and all are welcome! That means you have to RSVP early as the capacity for Boston Rock Lounge is 300. Avoid disappointment and arrive early!

    Boston will provide the usual affordable booze to help you have a fantastic time with one of the icons of SA Metal! DBL Brandy & Coke still only R15! DBL Vodka & Sprite the same! Selected shooters at R5 per shot. Don’t you wish you were already there?

    After AGRO we will continue the party with two Edenvale bands....... Guns go Bang! Be part of this event and be seen in the hottest video release of the year!

    ID check at bar
    No booze to U18s
    No booze on the sidewalk!
    Headbanging and moshing allowed
    Security by AGRO


Submitted By | Candice KB


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