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7 Deadly Sins - Fetish Ball III - GREED


    From | 2009-08-29 @ 21:00 | To | 2009-08-29 @ 04:00

    Venue | R.O.A.R - 299 Lower Main Rd, Observatory, Cape Town


What's Happening?

    Wildfire Live Branding and Scarification, Upgraded Domination Room, Cage Dancers, Sin Girls, Fire Dancers

    Dress Code:
    Nurses, Latex, PVC, Rubber, Military, Nuns, Gimps, Cyber, Schoolgirl and so on, so let your imagination run wild!

    Terror_Binary, Drmzindec (JHB), Cyberdoll, Patrick from Mind Assault (TBC) & guests

    Free Jagerbombs for the first 50 dressed up people, Hair Falls giveaways, Hair Voucher-LaCoupe style Lounge, EdenWear Contact Lenses Vouchers, Clothing Vouchers, Tattoo and Piercing Vouchers, Drink Giveaways through the night.

    Clothing Stalls, Cocktail Menu, Free Jugs, Free Vanity shots all night, Photo Booth, Amazing Decor and drink specials.

    Cover Charge:
    R20 before 11 & R30 after 11, R20 all night if dressed up

    Announcement: Gotham is soon to be under new management. We are looking at launching the new look Gotham on the same night at 12.

    Source: Facebook Event


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