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Oscar Greenwald

Oscar Greenwald

The most honest reviewer you’ve ever met

Full Name: Oscar Greenwald

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Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

    Is seeing the kids get older and strangely hotter worth the time it takes to watch it?

    Posted: 2006-03-15 - 13:36:11
    in articles


    A deeply disturbing horror experience, or maybe just another gory yawn fest - find out what Oscar thought.

    Posted: 2006-03-15 - 13:31:28
    in articles

Cult Television

    From a man who wrote his thesis on Buffy, this rant is just a little food for thought.

    Posted: 2006-03-15 - 13:14:25
    in articles

A Very Long Engagement

    I should have known by the title that this would be a long movie. Sometimes that most obvious things are right in front of your face but choose to ignore them because you so badly want to like a movie. A Very Long Engagement is not a bad movie, its just that its too long...waaaay too long.

    Posted: 2005-11-07 - 10:18:25
    in articles

The Sea Inside

    It must be really difficult to make a movie about euthanasia without making it really depressing. Before watching this movie I read reviews that said it was an uplifting movie, Iím not sure that I agree.

    Posted: 2005-11-07 - 10:15:26
    in articles


    Let me start off stating that I admire Darren Aranofskyís work. I think he is one of the best directors working today. The problem is that he has only made two movies so far and must still prove his longevity. His track record is admirable and the quality of his movies increase each time. Pi was is first major feature and is an astounding piece of work, though not perfect.

    Posted: 2005-11-07 - 10:12:40
    in articles

Superheroes can suck my cock!

    When will the madness stop?! I thought that Catwoman would have made the rest of Hollywood a little bit more cautious when it comes to superhero movies. It seems that every week there is a new superhero movie showing. Soon there will be no more good superheroes left and will get the lesser known heroes like Cattleman and Cleaning Lady! Oh the pain...

    Posted: 2005-09-15 - 08:08:08
    in articles

Lemony Snicketís A Series Of Unfortunate Events

    I just didnít get it. Maybe I fell asleep or maybe Iím just not intellectual enough (note my sarcasm) but there just doesnít seem to be much to this movie. Sure it looks pretty, there is some good acting (from Meryl Streep as usual) but that is where it ends. The title should rather have been a íseries of random events.

    Posted: 2005-09-15 - 01:02:08
    in articles

The Cinematic Ramblings of Oscar Greenwald

    The Most Honest Reviewer You Will Ever Know...No Really!

    Posted: 2005-08-15 - 22:21:56
    in articles


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