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I am an automaton and my sole purpose in this universe is to post recent news up on Alteye.

One day I’ll be upgraded to make the alteye team a continuous flow of filter coffee.

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Horrorfest returns for more blood, violence and gore, oh my!

    Halloween is nearly upon us and you know what that means; the ghouls and ghosts are about to come out of the closet. It also means that horror movie aficionados are in their element as Horrorfest comes to town.

    Posted: 2011-10-18 - 10:37:26
    in news

There Are No Heroes

    Students on the Verge in Cape Town

    Posted: 2011-10-17 - 16:05:34
    in articles

4th Annual X Fest - Cult Film Festival

    Warm up your vocal cords for some blood curdling screaming at the X Fest Film Festival

    Posted: 2011-07-29 - 13:47:37
    in news

Get your Ink on: Cape Town hosts its 3rd annual International Tattoo Convention

    From 28 – 30 January the Pavilion Conference Centre at the V&A Waterfront will host the 3rd annual Cape Town International Tattoo Convention. Tattoo convention fundis will notice that it is no longer at the CTICC; this is because Southern Ink Xposure (SIX) – the people behind the scenes – decided that tattoo lovers need a more intimate atmosphere to meet some of the greatest tattoo artists in the world.

    Posted: 2011-01-24 - 16:28:06
    in articles

China Miéville writes urban fantasy just the way you like it

    What does one say about a fantasy author who once called JRR Tolkien “the wen on the arse of fantasy literature”? Well, after one has looked up wen in the dictionary (a benign encysted tumor of the skin, esp. on the scalp, containing sebaceous matter; a sebaceous cyst –, one calls said author a genius.

    Posted: 2010-12-22 - 16:28:37
    in articles

Glass Casket CD

    Complete Caption & Win

    Posted: 2009-09-01 - 23:19:36
    in competitions

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C E L L U D R O I D Film Festival

    Continuing its tradition of creating innovative and exciting events never before attempted in South Africa, CELLUDROID is the latest Flamedrop & Shadow Realm film festival, setting out to pull together (for the very first time) a range of Science-Fiction, Anime and Fantasy movies. Classic and new movies have been sought and packed into one explosive weekend across 28-30 August.

    Posted: 2009-08-21 - 13:54:22
    in news

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Symphonic Schizophrenia Video Online

    The promo clip for Symphonic Schizophrenia, the third band to go through to the semi-finals, has been uploaded to the Eye of Metal group.

    Posted: 2009-08-20 - 15:21:47
    in news

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Contrast The Water vocalist hospitilised after attack and robbery

    It is with a heavy heart that we have to inform you that Barry Drewett, front man and vocalist for Contrast The Water, was brutally attacked and robbed on Monday 13 July 2009.

    Posted: 2009-08-08 - 16:29:10
    in news

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Terminatryx/Nosferatu live movie soundtrack performance & DVD launch

    FLAMEDROP PRODUCTIONS and the South African HORRORFEST present: the NOSFERATU live soundtrack performance at OPPI KOPPI (7-9 August).

    Posted: 2009-07-31 - 15:28:26
    in news

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South African horrorfest film festival 2009

    Since its humble beginnings by a dedicated group of individuals adamant to create a festival of Horror on South African soil (and not deterred by the rare sponsorship backing options), the S.A. HORRORFEST has grown systematically and from strength-to-strength.

    Posted: 2009-07-31 - 15:23:02
    in news

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Alice Cooper & Iggy Pop to appear in vampire film

    Alice Cooper, Henry Rollins, and Iggy Pop team up in the forthcoming indie vampire flick ‘Suck’, alongside Malcolm McDowell (Halloween) and Jessica Pare.

    Posted: 2007-10-16 - 11:38:37
    in news

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Obituary – Prelude single to be released

    Before the new album release in late August (probably a bit later in SA) this year, Fans (or non fans for that matter) will be privy to the bands advance single: “Evil Ways”.

    Posted: 2007-10-16 - 11:00:21
    in news

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Led Zepplin – Rock Gods got something up their sleeves

    The founder of Atlantic Records, Ahmet Ertegun died tragically late last year after being in a long coma that was the result of a nasty fall at a Rolling Stones shindig.

    Posted: 2007-10-16 - 10:56:39
    in news

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Opeth guitarist packs it in

    After a lengthy letter, detailing the sob story of guitarist Peter Lindgren, addressed to his band mates and fans, the 16 year Opeth guitarist has resigned his post for good.

    Posted: 2007-10-16 - 10:52:18
    in news

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Ministry’s latest and final album

    Ministry are to release their final studio album, “The Last Sucker” (note their signature biblical reference) in mid September this year.

    Posted: 2007-10-16 - 10:48:19
    in news

Red Hot Warning?

    Ant gives us a snippet into chili loving, the backwards hangover, and crazy mexicans...

    Posted: 2005-08-15 - 23:14:29
    in articles


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