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Godsbane the Proud

Godsbane the Proud

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Full Name: Kurt von Schaetzing

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Posts by Godsbane the Proud

Alternative Design 128 Long Str

    Its 5am, 1998 and the Turtle is closing. Soonish... finish your beer.

    Posted: 2010-11-25 - 09:30:23
    in articles

The New Zealand Cover Girls in Cape Town

    About a month ago, Facebook and other such sites were aflutter with the news of an impending Kiwi invasion. We were warned that we would never be able to resist this particular form of assault.. And boy were we unprepared.

    Posted: 2009-10-28 - 13:32:59
    in articles

The Weekend Warriors: Canadian band that is actually REAL PEOPLE!

    So it’s a Wednesday night and I had an invite from Wadda, you remember, to come through and listen to something unique to our little Republic of Cape Town.

    Posted: 2009-10-22 - 09:45:50
    in articles

Underworld Crimson Kiss

    This is probably the most drunk Ive ever written. Thank spelling for Godcheck.

    Posted: 2009-08-31 - 12:00:37
    in articles


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