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The absence of evidence - should not be mistaken for the evidence of absence

Full Name: Joanne Brent

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South African Horrorfest Film Festival

    A week of horror on the big scream!

    Posted: 2009-08-22 - 15:40:20
    in news

South Africa’s First SciFi / Fantasy / Anime Film Festival

    Flamedrop will be hosting a Film Festival at The Labia on Kloof Street!

    Posted: 2009-08-21 - 17:12:20
    in articles

[adult swim] and Metalocalypse

    My top 5 [adult swim] shows with info on Metalocalypse and more!

    Posted: 2009-08-19 - 21:08:33
    in articles

deviantART Review

    Save the deviousness of art - save the world!

    Posted: 2007-10-16 - 14:00:00
    in articles

Meet Reiko

    We managed to track down artist and Reiko creator Vincent Grisanti who graciously answered a couple of our questions.

    Posted: 2006-03-15 - 11:34:44
    in articles


    Also known as urban running - an innovative lesson in the art of movement. Check out our exclusive interview with two of SA’s most pro active supporters of the sport.

    Posted: 2005-11-07 - 11:54:53
    in articles

Neil Gaiman

    There’s something cathartically profound in the absolute desecration of one’s physical body and surroundings in order to feed the mental hunger to complete a superior book. Authors experience it all through the birthing process, the missed meals and showers culminating in a truly horrific picture of a human being.

    Posted: 2005-11-07 - 10:52:22
    in articles


    Neverwhere is a general must read, yet it is even more prominently so if you have ever lived in or visited London . The story subverts the dreary grey and green that is London into the darkest shade of black and bloody splattered red that is Gaiman’s underworld.

    Posted: 2005-11-07 - 10:41:23
    in articles

The Sandman Series

    The Sandman was an industry redefining graphic novel series, created in ’89 it ran through the 90’s -era of grunge, cybersex and Jay and Silent Bob.

    Posted: 2005-11-07 - 10:38:25
    in articles

The Wolves in the Walls

    I know most of our readers will have absolutely no intention of browsing the kiddie’s picture book shelves at their closest Exclusive Books; you would, however, be surprised at the macabre and depraved things children find amusing. I would think Roald Dahl would be the point and case.

    Posted: 2005-11-07 - 10:27:24
    in articles

Joss Whedon’s Fray

    As a long time fan of the Buffy and Angel series I waited a hell of a long time to get my hands on this.

    Posted: 2005-09-15 - 23:48:35
    in articles

Urban Food

    Imagine chomping away at a delicious bowl of fast-food from a well known fast-food chain, and suddenly biting into something a little more ’meaty’ than your meal should contain. On closer inspection you realise this ’meaty’ object is sporting a fingernail. How bout munching on some spectacularly fried chicken nuggets and discovering a nugget that looks suspiciously similar to a nugetised chicken head.

    Posted: 2005-09-15 - 10:01:51
    in articles

Eminem: In My Skin

    This kind of sat at the bottom of my pile until I had absolutely no choice but to crack its spine and examine the universe of bitches, 9mm’s and righteous anger barely contained between its covers.

    Posted: 2005-09-15 - 00:44:18
    in articles


    From the writer of the magnificent wit’ch quintet comes the equally gripping new series Shadowfall. Tylar de Noche was a shadow knight before his disgrace, and now he haunts disreputable places as a mere crippled shadow of his former self.

    Posted: 2005-09-15 - 00:32:56
    in articles

Obsolete Angel

    This weeks featured artist is Seth from Blouberg, with his awesome sci-fi works.

    Posted: 2005-08-15 - 23:25:02
    in articles

alteye no image
Dan Who?

    Jo gives us the darker side of Dan Brown, the evolution of the book page, and whats to come.

    Posted: 2005-08-15 - 23:11:12
    in articles


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