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Fred pokes a spoon into the cranial cavity of a member of Swedish stoner rock slash doom metal (or not) band Witchcraft, and serves you a generous scooping.

Q: Greetings Witchcraft guy. How’s it going today? Great.For those amongst us who are not familiar with Witchcraft, could you please give us a short bio of your band?

The band started out as Magnus solo project when he wanted to record a tribute single to Bobby Leibling and Roky Eriksson.Then, besides John and Magnus me and my brother Jens Henriksson played bass and drums. When the single was finished we all carried on playing in our own bands. Magnus continued the Witchcraft project with two other brothers, Jonas and Mats Arnesen (drums and bass) John rejoined the band a few weeks before we went into the studio to record the album and Ola took over on bass a few weeks later when Mats went of to persue his musical career elswere.

Q: The first time I heard the song "No Angel or Demon", I thought I was listening to an obscure 70s band. Do you make that intentional?

A: Of course, we wanted it to sound as an old Pentagram basement recording.

Q: Does Witchcraft fit the profile of a ’retro’ band?

A: I don’t know what the profile of a retroband looks like but I don’t like the sound of it so hopefully not.

Q: The lyrics on "Witchcraft" are not in the sleeve, any particular reason why? Don’t tell me you are like that psycho, Paul Chain, who sings in no particular language...? Or maybe you didn’t feel like including the lyrics?

A: Haha, Magnus decided not to include the lyrics but we will put them on our homepage soon.

Q: How does Witchcraft write songs? Do you sit down and start writing some tunes during moments of inspiration or rather do you get together as band, drink some alcohol and jam?

A: Usually someone of us presents a riff or an idead and then we jam.

Q: You guys have toured with Pentagram. As a big Pentagram fan myself, I must ask if you have a close connection with this historical band?

A: (We have not toured with Pentagram, We would love to though. We were suppose to do a gig with them in London but it got cancelled.

Q: Witchcraft is groovy. Are all Swedes in Sweden really as groovy? We are rather curious.

A: Haha, No its cold up here 6 months in a year. We are mostly pissed off. hehe

Q: What are your personal influences since we’re on the subject... music wise, lifewise, etc.

A: Music wise, it spans from Elvis to Emperor. I try to be as relaxed as possible all the time and just take it easy so I get inspired by people that mange to pull that off.

Q: How do you feel about the current scene, stoner rock slash doom metal, if you know what I mean. Do you feel part of this scene if you know what I mean? Do you?

A: hahahahaha, best interview ever. I guess that were a part of that scene wether we like it or not. There are too many crappy bands in that scene that I don’t want to have any connection with.

Q: Does this kind of music pay the bills in Sweden? Or do you have to work as a neurosurgeon or a mailman during the day?

A: We work man.....oh how we work. At the moment I’m unemployed so thats nice cause you get 80% of our salary in Sweden when youre unemployed.

Q: How much do you know about South Africa? Do you know any bands? Down here, Witchcraft is massively popular...amongst all 4 of us. Would you expect to see lions walking down the street? Maybe zebras?

A: I know you have lions and great white sharks down there. Do you think we have polar bears in the streets?

The 70’s band Freedoms Children is from SA I think? ANyway I would like to go there someday.

Q: Why do you dress like hippies? Do you like LSD?

A: hoho, Not really hippiestyle is it? Just bellbottoms and tight shirts like all cool hardrockers wear... LSD? is that an icecream?

Q: I have not yet had the good fortune of listening to Firewood (we buy cds, we don’t download them). How would you compare it with "Witchcraft"? Am I a bastard for making you write a review of your own cd?

A: It sound like witchcraft but it’s more polished and with better guitar solos.

Q: So there’s four groovy looking white guys on the inlay of "Witchcraft". Which one is Ola?

A: The handsome one with straight hair.

Q: You are signed to the UK’s Rise Above Records. Do you have good working relations with this label? Does it deliver? Come on, you can talk shit about them if you want.

A: They are a bunch of wankers...no seriously Rise Above is a perfect label for us. We are friends with the guys and they work hard for us.

Q: Very sadly we must conclude this interview. Many thanks for answering our questions. Do you have any last words? They don’t even have to be poetic.

A: Arrange a gig for us in SA!

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Witchcraft Interview
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