Underworld Crimson Kiss

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This is probably the most drunk Iíve ever written. Thank spelling for Godcheck.

 What a night. Where do I begin? My little big black book is covered in alcohol. Its pages smell like sex and candy... something somewhere still tastes funny. I refuse to admit I have alcohol poisoning....

Lets get started shall we:

Like most of you we spent the day preparing. Some smeared makeup on their eyelids while others took the more traditional approach and arrived just hammered enough to make a dashing entrance. You all looked so beautiful, I secretly wept inside, which brings us to my point for this article: Effort.

People these days are making the effort. Whether it’s their clothing, their art, their photographs or even their passion for sticky plastic clothes. It’s wonderful to watch you all come together. People are becoming more expressive these days, more extrovert. Back in the day we used to go to a party, get wasted and go home. These days we enjoy it more because we put more in, so to get more out. The costumes, the make up, those scary eyes! The creativeness knows no bounds.

Underworld Crimson Kiss lived up to its name this year and was hosted at Wadda, Claremont. A beautiful venue with the perfect mix of lighting and style. As we walked in we were greeted by what can only be described as heaven: A Burly Doorman, a Jolly Joker, a Mostly Naked Angel and a free shooter. It was bound to be a good evening if it started like this...

Underworld has been going since 2002 and for the past 7 years its been a stable backbone of the Goth and Metal scene. This year, in conjunction with Aquarius Events, Underworld: Crimson Kiss was a major success. I tried so hard to stay sober and did so successfully for the first few minutes I was there. Chatting to the different people involved I got the impression that the fire and brimstone that went into the preparation was really going to pay off. The Jugs of alcohol on sale for R20 really didn’t help my written tongue so I’ll try to decipher what I’ve written here:

One of the better things written was Dj Minstrel / Stef’n’s promise to the Great Paul Freebody of Purple Turtle fame: "I will not let the scene DIE!" He’s been Dj’ing since I can remember which is probably the better half of about 15 years or more and has a firm grip on what people want and need when on the dance floor. If we can learn from this man, we can surely grow our scene into something spectacular!

Rayno of Horus was my next target: It was great seeing him there and seeing the support he gave Underworld. It was his first I think, or maybe I made that part up I don’t know, but he was impressed and was having had a great time. Plans are in the making for Gothic Dark Romance at Horus, but that’s a little hush hush ok? While a different crowd from his usual revelers there were many familiar and new faces. Some traveling as far as Brakpan...who woulda thought. None the less it was great to see club owners supporting the event 100%! Well some of them anyway.

I spent the rest of the night shamelessly hijjcking drinks and smokes from all over the place. Sifting through conversations like a Hilton who only eats the red Smarties in the bowl....Talking to Benway and Belcher was fun. Such deceptively suave nutters, but both agreed it’s about putting the effort in. Take time, make time but get off your ass and do it. Stop hiding in the shadows, let us stand tall and proud!!! Words to live by people! Create your reality, but take ownership of it and do it! Heavy stuff but tequila does that to people...

If we keep this up, we will get even more international compliments. Oh yes people, we are being noticed!!

OMG! You so have to check out Edenwear!! www.edenwear.co.za Nuff Said!

The Burlesque girls were amazing. You ladies really know what people need to become inspired. My utmost and sincerest respect! The pole dancing... well what can I say... just beautiful. With all the different talents and skills filtering through and working together, this was a night to be remembered. Which is a pity, because all I got are flashes of brilliance fighting to shine through this frazzled brain that is dripping down my spine into my ass this morning.

To All involved, well done! You have seriously outdone yourselves and working together definitely brought the best of the best! Aquarius events did a wonderful job in bridging gaps and promoting the event. Your work did most definitely not go unnoticed! Thank you moo.

There were so many new faces out there, something somewhere must have been done right! Let’s hope this infects more people in the future!

To all the Dj’s, you kept that roof shaking with the perfect mix of styles and rhythms! Thank you so much!

Honestly speaking it went downhill for me from there. I remember someone handing out prizes, I danced and sang with the rest of the immortals and somehow I kept on writing! But our jibbereished book of the night confirms that everyone has the same goal: Growth of our scene. Have you done your part?

Some quotes from the night that I found in this mine and other handwritings:

- Leanne Swart: I dress up to feel sexy and lavish with a touch of mystery!


- Nerine Dorman: We Remind Society of the Adventure!

- What the hell is a Tequila Slammer anyway? Oh. My. Gawd!


What did we learn this weekend?

1) Pies are good. So. Very. Fncking. Good.

2) Wolf clothing started in 1999: Now you know too!

3) When getting into an extravagant outfit, be sobre. Don’t Drink and Makeup!

4) Did you know that the old Fringe is newly renovated and up for lease? Just a thought ...

Words: Gobsbane The Proud

Photos: Avril

Find more pics at the Fiends of Alternative Eye Facebook Group.





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Underworld Crimson Kiss



by name Ryno de Villiers

    comment Awsome party !! Underworld was a huge success. Will enjoy it again soon.Thanks to all of you. Ryno / Owner of The Eye of Horus Pub

    Posted   2009-08-31   20:55:54

by Kitt

    Great write up! Good to hear you had a blast like we did too. Looking forward to the next one already!

    Posted   2009-09-01   06:52:54

by muRk

    Great article, Godsbane..and awesome pics, Avril..hehe It was such a magical evening..Can't wait for the next one..Wish there were more parties like these..but not too many so as not to kill the vibe.. See you on the darker side..

    Posted   2009-09-01   15:31:06

by Michelle "Moo" Geel

    Thanks for all the positive comments. Hard work and love paid off with this event. There is no greater reward for the work that goes into something like this, then seeing people happy and having fun. Watch this space is all i can say.

    Posted   2009-09-01   17:29:15

by Wench

    Awesome party, wonderfully decorative people, great mix of music. Like the rotating dj thang - everyone's taste gets catered for.

    Posted   2009-09-02   14:00:29

by wench

    Kurt, you evil lil entity. Didn't recognise you looking all intellectual. (Waves big silver embossed spoon around). And Avril - you, Nerine and Thomas, cigarette vampires all...

    Posted   2009-09-03   18:25:32

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