The Weekend Warriors: Canadian band that is actually REAL PEOPLE!

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So it’s a Wednesday night and I had an invite from Wadda, you remember, to come through and listen to something unique to our little Republic of Cape Town.


The Weekend Warriors:

Jermain, Mike and Brendan

All I knew was this it was a Canadian Band hailing from Toronto that were doing a bit of good down here with some music and the children in the townships. Whatever. I’ll go through check it out and write some stuff about how cool these guys think they are.


I mean for a metalhead to go and listen to a band called the Weekend Warriors? Sounded to me like a garage kiddies band. Fuckme was I wrong.

A little bit of history before we get to the music ok? Fine.

So I get through to Wadda Bar and hang around drinking all sorts of weird-ass non-alcoholic cocktails because yours truly is on a celibacy mission. Yes apparently my kidneys are tired of getting fucked. Which sucks because Wadda Bar has AMAZING R20 JUGS of pure goodness. BLUE ones, GREEN ones...ooohh so good...lalalala...

So there I am, happy to be amongst friends who look shocked that I’m actually sober for a change when I meet the mysterious trio that I’ve never heard about but am about to interview like I’m the Shizzle.

Right. Whatever.

So I meet the guys upstairs for a quick impromptu interview and as the pics above we Got Brendan on Vocals, Jermain on Rhymes and Mike on the Decks. ( I’ve never written these words before... feels weird. I’m usually going on about bass and lead and growling...)

They, like most of you muso’s, started off coming together over weekends from their respective cities and getting hammered and playing tunes with influences from rock, hip hop and electrodance. (Which is an impressively difficult thing to blend!) They’re a tight bunch and this can be seen when I’m talking to them as they really don’t mind who says what as they’ll all likely answer in the same vein.

Weekend Warriors is only a year old and a half old and has already made an impression on MTV and the like, which is impressive in the dog eats dog mainstream vibe that they play in. I mean the Spears Family are chundering out the babies just to feed these damn Industry Dogs!!!

They all started off in bands or messing around with programs like Fruity Loops or Reason or even just jamming on a guitar and singing in high school bands. Kinda like "Highschool Musical" but with a little more grunge and rock to it.

With the support of family and friends the 3 little bears ventured out, quit jobs and started their musical career. And to be honest it’s no surprise they made a huge impression; but were also very clever in their marketing! Learn from this people:

You want a fan base? Do the most intelligent thing possible: Get on University Radios where ever you can and play as many free university parties as you can! Who woulda thought. .. Varsity students are the ones who constantly crave new music and are in the know as to what’s good and what’s not because they are the future of your music genre! GENIUS!

So with that in mind they grew and grew from gig to gig and if you check out their facebook page or - , you’ll see some of their live performances. They’re on ITunes as well if you feel up for a listen or stream it from myspace.

Ofcourse, all I wanted to know was what it was like to be famous so I posed the question: What is your most favourite memory from this Tour:

1) LIONS HEAD: Pulling an all nighter and the getting the bright idea to climb up lions head in full pimp gear to watch the sunrise. Ofcourse its DAMN BRIGHT UP THERE with a bit of a "Babbelas" (hangover yankyboi!) Aaaaaand to top it all off: On the way down to be greeted by a early morning School Group hike. Nice Going guys.... heheheh..

I imagine that their confused looks a bunch of crazed yanks were coming down (no pun intended) in full nightlife gear , would have made a decent photo oppertunity.

2) YouTube: Imagine you’re in a band. Imagine you’re famous and growing in fanbase. Imagine one day you google yourselves and find that people in places you’ve never been or only played one gig, have posted FanVids of themselves dancing to your music and dedicating it to you. How awesome is that! The ultimate compliment! I think so.

They of course mentioned how awesome the CT people are and how accommodating and engaging our nature is while still being individuals of the MOST AWESOME PROVINCE! They loved the Rugby and are hopefully going to be allowed to take a few "Klippies en Cola" back with them as it seemed to hit the right spot. Canadian BoereBoys? I’ve now seen it all....

But then they found Cream Soda (no BS! Seriosuly!) and with the help of the Wadda Bar’s R20 Jugs, became a favorite amongst the Weekenders. As you can see from the pics there was no shortage that evening of the "Greeny Goodness".


They’ve done some promo work in the club and have also worked with a Children’s Foundation out in the shanty towns ; Spend time and playing an acoustic gig for the kids there. Very humbling and they really saw a side of humanity that rarely gets much coverage in the media over there. So they’ll be taking that back with them and hopefully making a difference in their own unique way. The art work was also a very strong point of interest and seeing their passion about it, I realized that we take many of our street hawkers for granted. There is a lot of talent out there, we just take it for granted..

Back to the Music:

Their first album, self titled ofcourse, was released in May 2009 and has some seriously decent tracks on it. I’m not aficionado but I know uniquely cool when I hear it. Their first music video should be out in a few months but that’s in the pipeline ( and what with Fans making their own vids on your tube, is there any rush?)

As they get onstage I see the crowd slowly forming around the guys and they are immediately drawn in by the Americancanadian twang and LaVida Loca voices. Rickey Martin would have been put to shame here ladies... They started off with songs people could easily relate to and their sampling was done perfectly. The crowd jammed (*shudder... did I just say jammed instead of moshed?) heavily on the dance floor and at one point I swear to god, I say an Arsenal supporter, in full gear, dancing Pantsula to The Weekend Warriors. (No BS and I WAS SOBER! I SAW THIS! It may never leave my mind.)

After playing the album to a bunch of metalheads and a Goth-Lite we decided that they most definitely have talent. They’re comfortable listening with easily identifiable influences and tones. Their live show is pretty good and the sampling from ACDC, MJ etc definately help cross the boundries of certain clicky genre’s. Take Aerosmith vs Run DMC and add 2009 and you got yourself Weekend Warriors.

Good Tunes, good crowd pumping and a very down to earth bunch of guys and we’re in for a goooood night. A wicked night as usual at Wadda and ofcourse a new experience with the Weekend Warriors.

There’s a rumour they are to return soon so keep ur eyes peeled. Grab a few tracks, throw them in your Ipod Mix and have some fun. As for me, I keep my CD in the car for when I’m picking up the Cabanna chicks.. ...YEAH BABY!


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The Weekend Warriors: Canadian band that is actually REAL PEOPLE!
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