The Diary of Ayns: Worcester Bus 1

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A diary of a man who felt the twisted terror of the first Mind Assault bus...

  • "Kurt?" "Present!" Not something you would expect to see. An image driven Goth promptly answering to a roll call, bellowed out by some random bald guy with a piece of paper in his hand. What exactly does one expect when joining Goths, metal-heads, and other confused -but interesting- groups on a "bus outing" to Worcester .
  • It’s around 5 o clock on the 13 th of May and we are about to embark on a 3-hour bus ride through lonely Somerset West and of course Stellenbosch, the land of wine, cheese, and driving licenses. Our first stop is Somerset West. The most prominent landmark seems to be a huge mall and very popular Mc Donald’s, overflowing with young persons dressed in black and sporting obscure piercings.
  • Nick aka Care Bear Lion Heart (late ’Left for Dead’ drummer) makes happy with Mc Burger.
  • Stumble off bus due to Alcohol and smoking.
  • Ant: Beer check, Dictaphone check.
  • Ainz: Beer check, Camera check.
  • Willem: Beer check, Renegade ’Neshama’ sticker on Back. check.
  • Somerset group joins the bus. less space, more noise. Music videos blaring in back ground to the tune of "More beer!" "I need a piss" and "fuck off".
  • Next stop. Stellenbosch. Another Mc Donald’s and then a petrol station. A blur of blackness swarms off the bus towards the toilets returning with post-orgasmic grins sweeping over their faces.
  • Back to the bus.

  • Arrive at yet another petrol station, just outside Worcester .
  • Stumble off the bus, only to be harassed by a leather clad, short elderly black gentleman, selling book covers. Most of the group is off buying pies, whilst the rest are actively manning beer cans and cigarettes. There is that Left For Dead drummer again, trying to win a teddy bear, and succeeding. I have never seen such a joyous expression on such a round face. That boy, he never stops. Back on the bus, and away to Worcester.

  • When in Worcester do as the Worcies, step off a bus and into a bar.
  • Background music: Sweet soft Afrikaans with a dash of Woester Sauce.
  • Background Characters: Boers with beer and ashtrays watching the cricket. No familiar faces. Wrong bar.
  • Next door, the Worcies do not know what has hit them. This is where we meet up with ’Mind Assault’, the handsome Afrikaans metal band. We finish our draughts get back on the bus, and head towards our destination: The prefabricated Stargazer Cinema.

  • The first thing I notice on entering the venue, is a small girl operating a sweet, chips and cool drink stand, serving a happy -but underage- customer a can of beer, along side a ’Sponge Bob Square Pants’ poster. Everyone seems to be speaking Afrikaans. I don’t know how they do it. We meet up with Jacques, Francois and the ’drummer’-sorry dude- of Mind Assault, in the thralls of recording a home video. Jacques decides to interview Ant, who suddenly turns into Nataniel, we couldn’t stop him; they laughed sheepishly at first, but told us to go away after. It was awkward.
  • First act up was Tyrone and goateed friend, a young and talented, local rap artist, who is apparently recording a demo disk at this time. His style is not something I can easily describe. If forced to, I would have to say ambient Hip Hop with a dash of Tom Jones influence. I guess he was just there to get the crowd amped and ready for ’Antipathy’, who followed. This was the launch of their first CD (hello bicycle) and website.

  • Antipathy delivered a passionate and energetic show. Their sound is a mash of Springbok nude girls and Guns and Rose’s. A little bit of jazz/funk with heavy rock and new metal -a cup of tea with a snoek braai. Their show is energy driven and very crowd orientated. The music is incredibly tight. It’s obvious that bassist Christopher Steyn comes from a Jazz/Funk background. Along with blind drummer Jean Marais, and guitarist Dawie Bester, the band pulls off an easy to move to rhythm. However, when they decide to rock there’s no holding them back. Vocalist TG Van Zyl was in fact event co-organizer and originates from Worcester . The crowd loves him, and damn that boy can dance. Thus, I have decided to hate him, even though he is an awesome vocalist. His range and control is flawless, but I feel his style changes too often during a song.

  • I started to feel the familiar sensation of soberness creeping in; it was time for a trip to the bar.
  • Stumbling back to the stage, beer in hand, I find myself being dragged backwards into the crowd by an over-eager bald, goatee bearing, but rather likeable, familiar face-Andy. By this time powerhouse band, ’Mind Assault’ is preparing for their set whilst a post-apocalyptical philosopher introduces us to the theory behind the bands name. The Afrikaans crowd did not seem too impressed.
  • ’Mind Assault’, what can I say? Shirtless and flamboyant Francois ’Flapper’ on lead guitar, aggressive hell driven vocals by Jacques, the thoughtful -steady hand- of Patrick on rhythm, the baby faced consistency of Donovan on bass and calming chaotic drumming by- just googled your name- Stephen. These elements combine to create a powerfully tight performance, which remains true to the style of old metal with a clearly modern sound. They’ve managed to combine a mature stage presence with well-crafted metal riffs that get the crowd going. A truly awesome performance. Andy was speechless.

  • Next up is Afrikaans punk-rock band Fokofpolisiekar, who have a tough act to follow considering the crowd’s reaction to Mind Assault. The bars and lounges are quickly deserted, everyone is in front of the stage either moshing or crowd surfing. The energy passing between band and audience is incredible. As a live act they are absolutely amazing, jumping around the stage like a troop of out of control baboons, falling all over each other and cross mixing cables. Musically they are very tight and know how to give the crowd what they want. They definitely stole the show as far as performance and crowd feedback goes.

  • VIP room after the show, Am I still at the same gig? This room is full of people smoking dope, drinking alcohol of some kind or another. Rolling around on the floor with their pants down exposing themselves to the world. There are two condoms on the floor surrounded by crushed cans, beer bottles and overflowing ashtrays. Loud trance music, there’s psychadelic imagery being projected onto a white screen and. FUCK I’M DRUNK?!!! I have Ant on my left taking random photos, and some guy who claims to be from ’Mind the Child’ on my right smiling into my ear. This is all very uncomfortable. When do we leave?

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The Diary of Ayns: Worcester Bus 1
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