Scar Symmetry’s Pitch Black Progress

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You know, Swedes are very unique people, their greatest gift being the


It’s like all the Metalheads in Sweden have some sort of underground gathering, where
they breed more Swedes to be the next torch bearers of Swedish Metal.
Scar Symmetry is a fine example (if not the finest) of this practice.
All five members having at least 2 or 3 other Metal bands, the fact
that these guys got together and formed a band, is definitely a
offering from the Metal Gods.

I’ve listened to this album (and it’s predecessor) over 100 times and
counting. Instead of becoming dull, each listen drew me into their
blend of Melodic Death Metal more and more. Instrumentally, this band
has it all. Amazing riffs, melodies, solos, thick and audible bass
licks, Groove Metal driven drums and one of Metals best vocalist’ -
Christian Alvestam. In most of the tracks on this album, the band
focuses and put more emphasis on the melodic side of things, unlike
their first offering "Symmetric in Design". Tracks like "The
Illusionist", "Mind Machine", "Dreaming 24/7", "Retaliator" and the
bonus tracks "Carved in Stone" and "Deviate from the Form" falls into
said category. With so much sheer brilliance on display the listener
will never grow tired of this instrumental mastery nor will they
contemplate removing any of these songs from their playlists. Sweden
has given the world of Metal alot since the rise of Gothenburg giants
In Flames and Dark Tranquillity. But there greatest gift to us is
"Pitch Black Progress" which was put together by, Sweden’s, if not the
worlds, most talented musicians. None of the songs on "Pitch Black
Progress" bear a fruitless taste, all the tracks are filled with
decades of emotion bleeding from these five men. It still astounds me
that a band could evolve so much in one year since releasing its debut
"Symmetric in Design". But that’s Swedish tradition for you.

In this release, they accomplish what In Flames, Dark Tranquillity,
Opeth and Soilwork have been trying to do for years - release an album
that is worthy of a title such as greatest Melodic Death Metal effort
ever released. That’s not to say the aforementioned bands aren’t good
too, in fact, I happen to be a die hard fan of their music as well.
"Calculate the Apocalypse" is a great example of Progressive Death
Metal fused with intricate rhythm sections and melodies. Per and Jonas
spoils us with perfectly placed melodies and solos that can put a
smile on the face of the worlds most Emo kid. The most talented
musician in this band is definitely Christian Alvestam. Born with a
ear for unrelentless groove, brutality and melody, he composes music
that’ll leave you begging for more. Not only does he compose the vocal
patterns, he lends his gift to the instrumental side of things as
well. All lyrics were handled by drummer Henrik Ohlsson who has a mind
that not even the most intelligent beings on earth can begin to
unravel. His lyrics are both inspiring and eye-opening. Dwelling
within the theories of mans greatest fears, he unleashes an array of
written brilliance. Topics such as human enslavement by their
creations, computers, play a very big role in the overall concept of
"Pitch Black Progress". And world detonation also plays a big part
"Imminent undoing of this world, unveils tragedy mixed with relief -
as we give in to the end".

As a whole, this album will definitely change your outlook on the
over-populated Melodic Death Metal genre. Heck, even Power Metal
lovers will enjoy this piece mainly because of the vocals and because
"Oscillation Point" would’ve been a Power Metal track if it wasn’t for
the Death Growls and daunting riffage. Do yourself a favour, pick up
this album, you won’t regret it. These guys are a genre-defining five
piece supergroup hailing from Sweden (origin of the Metal Elites). You
will love their music until the day you pass; perhaps you’ll love it
in the afterlife as well, who knows? Just get it, quick.

This is my first review, please rate it.


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Scar Symmetry’s Pitch Black Progress



by john amos

    Sounds like serious SOFT COCKING to me, Scar Symmetry are a talented bunch of instrumentalists pity there vocalist sounds like a fucking pansie with a cookie monster voice...

    Posted   2009-09-03   09:30:10

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