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This weeks featured artist is Seth from Blouberg, with his awesome sci-fi works.

As a Cape Town based alternative media site, it was imperative we covered at least one homegrown genius. Lucky for us Seth kind of fell into our laps -the perfect subject. He is 22 and calls Blouberg home. A self confessed sci-fi fanatic, whose favourite movie for the moment is Riddick. Even more importantly he could very easily be the next big name in digital art. As one fan puts it, his work is "Godly."

When approached to do this article, I’ll admit to two very distinct emotions, overwhelming honour that someone with this much talent would want anything to do with an up and coming site like us, let alone get involved in our design.

Then the terror hit, I’ve never worked with one of the world’s creatively gifted few. Would he end up being a total diva, hating every question I’d prepared? I couldn’t have been more blown away at how approachable Seth is, in fact it was by far one of the easiest interviews I’ve ever done.

The research for this article was literally a trip through "what dreams may come" without Robin Williams, oh, and colour. "I’ve always had a deep seated attraction to anything Dali or Brom", and -in terms of theme- Seth’s work is to a large extent in the same category. If given a little time to mature, his work could quite easily be mentioned in the same breathe.

I would love to feature as many of Seth’s images as I can lay my hands on and strongly suggest you go check out the rest of his stuff at http://obselete-angel.deviantart.com . Unfortunately I can only stretch it to three, leaving my favourite for last of course.

"The Land before time" is inspired by Seth’s frustration at human nature’s incessant need to pollute and generally fuck up everything around us. As the matrix so aptly put it the ’virus’ that infects our planet. This is a place of escapism, a perfect Utopia in the sky.







An image that’ll blow anyone away is "Dark Enigma," a subversive composition on the grotesque as beautiful. The detail on her hair is absolutely phenomenal. Move over Debra Messing, L’Oreal has a new face for Red.






My personal favourite, "Fallen" hints at a whole new level of design from Seth -done in Poser6 -the obvious Dali influence would be kitsch on anyone else. With Seth it shines through just enough to be noticeable, yet used in conjunction with his unique style it comes across a lot darker. Some serious brooding potential here.


Alteye would also like to extend our gratitude to Seth for his time and his awesome contribution to the Alternative Eye experience.



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