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After a long and tormenting drive along Baden Powel Drive, Alternative Eye’s two less than capable journalists - Ainz and Ant - went to visit Mind Assault at their Strand computer-shop / jam room for some beers, an interview and a private lap dance.

Ant : What sort of response have you guys had from your EP?

Donovan : It has not hit the stores yet, but will soon.

Every one in the band and subterrania has been selling quite a bit.

We don’t know exactly how many estimate 50


Ant : Who recorded you guys?

Jacques : Paris Studios in Fish Hoek.


Ainz : Did you guys fund the recording?

MA : Yeah. We financed the whole thing.


Ainz : What stores do you potentially see selling your EP.?

Donovan : We’re trying to get it into Musica, Look and listen. Dave (Subterrania) is busy with those guys.

(Inaudible gibberish)



Ainz : Didn’t you guys do a recording for a Musica ad at some stage?

Donovan : Yeah, we did the roadrunner ad. Like R50.00 off roadrunner records.

Ant : Isn’t it ironic how you helped to market Musica, but they wont help market you. What song did you do for the ad?

Jacques : We did some voice shit, like saying some stuff.

Ant : Oh really? I thought you did a song.

Donovan : Save R50.00 on some hardcore (in comes Jacques) imported shit.

Donovan : Have you heard that?

Ant : No.

Jacques : We have the MP3 if you want.

Francois : And the 8 track as well.

Jacques : And the LP as well


Ant : Are you guys managed by anyone in particular?

Patrick : Andy helps out; we’re in sort of a partnership with Andy. He does not entirely manage us, but he handle’s, let’s say, our Cape Town affairs, and we handle the other affairs.

Donovan : We handle all the domestic, we handle internal affairs, and Andy’s like our chief executive, um, basically we handle all the fun.

Jacques : We manage all the party’s.

Stephan : He manages paperwork.

Jacques : He does paperwork and all the kuk jobs.


Ant : Where are most of your fans are based. The southern suburbs or out this side?

Patrick : Do we have fans? It’s hard to answer that question. We have support from all over coz we’ve played outside of Cape Town quite a lot and our biggest shows have been outside Cape Town.

Jacques : Worcester I would say had the best support..

Patrick : I would say Boer land ha the most supports, of we have Cape Town Support but I think like the Boer land oaks are more excited. At our Cape Town gigs we always have oaks stepping out from like Stellenbosch. And like weird places.


Ant : Have you guys ever played in the southern suburbs?

Jacques : Where’s that

Francoise : No

Patrick : That’s anywhere like along the peninsula. We where trying to plan a tour called the one venue. what like.

Donovan : The once off tour.

Patrick : The one venue once off tour. Where we play at one venue once.

Donovan : Venues that won’t have us as like coz already been banned by 3 venues.


Ainz : What are your songs about? Is there any frustration there?

Donovan : Not at all, its all about peace and love. Jacques, over to you.

Jacques : Yah, I don’t know, it like just, I basically write.

Donovan : He was molested when he was a child.

Jacques : I was molested by Donovan. Yah, uh, lyrics I write. I write out of personal stuff, like when I’m feeling down I’ll sit there and I will write the emotions. And that’s how I do it.

Donovan : What’s oordel(?) about

Jacques : Ordeals about like people that judge you because you listen to metal and they tell you that you are Satanist. You being judged basically.

Patrick : You’re being judged without fucking trial basically.


Ainz : So what is Magteloos about?

Jacques : Magteloos it’s, it’s like basically, Magteloos is a story about like, um , ok it’s a very depressing story.

Ainz : It means helpless?

Jacques : Ja, um, ja I’m helpless. but its, its the whole, if you read the lyrics it’s about this guy that jumps off a cliff. so ja...

Patrick : Then I’m glad I never read the lyrics.

Jacques : Ja, when you’re down, I start writing shit like that.


Ainz : So you guys all get along?

Mixed agreement of different sounding ja’s?

Francois : Only outside the band room!

Patrick : When we having a party we have a great time, but when it comes to working time...

Donovan : Sometimes we have to call the cops to break up the action.


Ant : What inspires your sound?

Donovan : Our amps.


Ant : What influences your sound?

Patrick : Well, that’s a tough question.

Donovan : We all listen to different shit hey.

Jacques : Like death metal.

Francois : And I like the old school shit, like uh...

Ant : Like thrash stuff

Francois : Ja actually, like Skid Row and Malmsteen and uh more rocking shit.

Ant : You like hair metal.

Francois : Ja, ja hair metal. Love that shit.

Jacques and Patrick in song : Metal is forever, forever!

Donovan : And Steve, Steve, he likes Metallica.

Ant : Steve?

Stephan : I like um, I grew up on, started listening to music with Nirvana obviously. That grew up into, onto Metallica and then onto back to 60’s stuff with my just playing with some of my dads like with he’s one man show like so basically got the whole spectrum of music I’ve got a lot of influences. Jazz, blues. Mainly blues and rock. On the drums it’s probably Metallica

Patrick : And Patrick? Fucking doom and gloom. Fucking slow morbid metal, that’s it. So I don’t know if I should be in this band, but I am, and it’s very nice.

Ant : Well you can join us, were starting a doom metal band.

Patrick : Huh?

Ant : Were starting a doom metal band.

Patrick : Really.

Donovan : Hey, shut up man. There trying to steal our members.

Ant : Name some groups.

Patrick : I don’t know, Id say the big ones, like the really big ones. Like Paradise lost, anatomah(?), septic flesh.

Donovan : Fuck my cunt, burn...

Patrick : My dying bride. Shit like that, you know.

Donovan : I sorta like the crazy stuff. The fucked up stuff.

Francois : Ja, he likes the really weird, Mr. Bungle

Donovan : Primus, Mr. Bungle, Sict, Sict is one of my favorite bands.

Ainz : You like Dilinger Escape plan.

Donovan : Dillinger escape plan, ja, I love dillinger escape plan.

Jacques : He got the CD that you wanted.

Donovan : I got that as well. Did you get the DVD?

Ainz ; Yeah, there was a DVD.

Donovan : It’s cool hey.

Ainz : Uh... It’s ok

Donovan : The DVD’s not so cool, but the album fucking rad. Even Rage against the machine, reggae.

Jacques : I just wanna add, like, I like death Metal, but I also like Dead, Def Leopard.

Ant : Def Leopard?

Jacques : Ja.

Ant : What’s your favorite song:

Francois : Kuk man!

Ant : Two steps behind?

Jacques : I do!

Francois : What’s your favorite song man?!

Jacques : Def Leopard.

Francois : Fok, Def leopard! (Laughter)

Jacques : Stammer, Stammer, mumble. like, like..

Donovan : Jacques, you’re fucking up our interview man.

Jacques : Ja, Ja I like def leopard.

Ant : Ja.

Patrick : Fuck, I’m amazed no one said Machine Head.

Donovan : Or Nashama.

Patrick : I’m Impressed.

Ant : Nashama!

Donovan : Big influence.

Ainz : Do you guys like Machine Head though?

Jacques : We are big machine Head fans. The latest album is fucking cool.

Francois : A lot like Burn my eyes. We like Lamb of god.

Jacques : We like Lamb of God, Devil Driver, and Machine head. Fucking all that kinda stuff.

Donovan : Pantera, Sepultura. We are gonna drink more than Pantera. Get more tits and more beer, and fuck more woman than Pantera.

Jacques : When Our DVD comes you will check, were one up on Pantera.

Ant : When can we expect it.

Jacques : The DVD? I don’t know, it’s slow in the making.

Patrick : Id say keep an eye under the charismas tree.

Jacques : Maybe January.


Ant : (to Patrick) You work in a music store or something?

Francois : He’s the only one musically related to anything.

Patrick : Ja.. I fucking sell the instruments of the devil to young children.

Donovan : So they can worship Satan.

Patrick : Ja, and they can do so effectively.

Donovan : I sell print.

Ant : Print?

Donovan : I sell them to the industry.

Ant : OK nice.

Donovan : I sell printers and film.

Ant : (To Stephan): And you.

Stephan : I.T.

Ant : Computers and stuff:

Patrick : Every band’s got to have an I.T oak. Francois strips, and paints the guitars.

Francois : I work with cars. Mechanic, spray paints.

Ant : So what does this big man do (To Jacques)

Patrick : He does 3D animation.

Jacques : I draw and shit.

Some talk about last night’s events, Jacques at the pilgrims lounge. and visiting a bar after the interview.

Ainz : So give us some like background...

Donovan : You know what hey? We, we all played in bands which, no, like they played in a band called Deaf Division.

Jacques : They, who’s they?

Donovan : Francois and Jacques. I played in a band called Fudge. And Fudge played with Deaf Division. It was your first gig hey?

Francois : Our very first gig.

Donovan : Very first gig, and we didn’t like each other.

Jacques : Ja, I hated him.

Donovan : They were metal, we were new metal.

Jacques : New Metal? Fuck, they were rap core.

Francois : Fuck rap metal.

Donovan : What happened is we released our CD and needed someone to do our art; Pat did our art and he actually became our clown. Fudges clown.

Patrick : This is confidential.

Donovan : We played with Stephan in Linchpin, at the Purple Turtle. And then I joined Deaf Division when they(?) were away with their drummer, which wasn’t gonna be Deaf Division, they pitched up back, we were (...) and we were Deaf Division for a while.

Francious : Then we split up again.

Jacques : Then we split up again cause we didn’t have a drummer.

Ant : You didn’t have a drummer?

Jacques : We had a drummer, but he started listening to techno.

Francious : Our drummer started getting a girlfriend.

Patrick : Somewhere in the middle there like two members like skipped the fucking country. They could see like nothing was going on and it was just going downhill and were like fuck this.

Francious : And they left us with fucking band room debt.

Jacques : Me and francious were at this one place there south east (?) wines and there was this drummer playing for a band and we like just walked up to him and asked him. They were playing grunge, but he was playing some double bass and wasn’t bad. And we went to him and we asked him like if he doesn’t want to jam with us and then we started up again.

Francious : And? What happened?

Jacques : All goes well, and then he got into exams cause he was in matric.

Ant : Who’s that.

Donovan : The drummer!

Ant : Oh.

Donovan : Let me tell you a funny story hey! That drummer, he’s, OK, Jacques surname is Fourie, Jacques Fourie. So now this drummer was his name is Fourie. So now we gonna meet them for a few beers hey, so we go down to the pub, and were parking and I said: Hey, fuck, imagine this guys surname is like Jacques, or like fucking Stephan or something. Francois surname is Pretorias. He was Fourie Pretorias. Fuck how’s that hey.

Patrick : We thought it was meant to be.

Jacques : Then I phoned him the one day. (pointing to Stephan)

Donovan : Did you, so its your fault.

Stephan : They actually phoned me, cause I know them from way back.

Patrick : From Linchpin days man, fuckin before that.

Ant : How many years are we thinking back?

Jacques : Aw, perhaps seven, eight.

Donovan : eight years.

Stephan : Ja, school years.

Donovan : Stephan was still selling crack

Jacques : He was our dealer.

Stephan : Anyway. They phoned me up this one day, asking if they cant jam in my jam room, with their new drummer, because they got a big gig coming up. And...

Francious : Ja something along those lines.

Ant : Was he a better drummer than you?

Stephan : I don’t, ja, I dunno at that stage I was involved with another band.

Donovan : Gay metal band.

Stephan : It was a gay rock band.

Ant : What band was that?

Stephan : It was uh, Sunflowers.

Donovan : Ruby, ruby in my ear.

Stephan : Ruby and the flower heads, anyway, we only ever played one gig. At that stage the band had just broke up, I cant remember the reason. There was some fucked up reason. And I suggested why don’t I help you guys out with this thing that’s coming up. They said OK well no, fine. I don’t know, we probaly got together here.

Francious : Ja, we did.

Stephan : We played Magteloos.

Francious : I played , I played him uh, the very first song we started playing was actually Magteloos. I’d just finished that song at home and uh, I brought a CD with it and I had electric drums on there. For basic ideas. I started showing him that and than we started jamming it. And we got that feel. Some people can jam with a drummer and click. So we clicked. Were all inbred at the end of the day.

Donovan : Except I went out with Stephan’s mother.

Ant : Is that true?

Stephan : You could say it is for this one.

Francious : If you look at all the separate band’s and their relations, now it’s finally come together.

Jacques : And were doing something very peaceful.

Francious : And its taken us one year

Jacques : To be were we are now.

Francious : To be bigger in that sense than what it took us before. So it’s just a matter of sitting and waiting for the right connection.

Ant : So do you guys set monthly objectives?

Francious : This year we had objective that every month we would play one gig. Just to get people to notice us, but we don’t want to go to big.

Patrick : We wanted to keep a low profile up until we had a CD. We realised that was not possible. We played gigs were we did not expect to find metal heads. But at one gig we met Andy, Kurt & Marie. At the Whammy Bar. Since then the metal Heads been following us.

Francious : The Whammy Bar is were it happened. If it hadn’t been for that gig, we would not be were we are now.

Jacques : It would have taken longer.

Patrick : Whiplash, our CD launch, that was supposed to be our introduction to the music scene, all gigs before that was supposed to be preparation. By the time that gig came, we were already well known.

Ant : Do you guys think there’s more. What can you say about the metal fan base in Cape Town?

Patrick : Metals happening now hey.

Donovan : Metals on the comeback.

Jacques : Lot’s, lot’s. But there’s only about three hundred people that come to gigs.

Patrick : Ja but there were talking about cape town. What we were saying earlier is like the Boerland is where we get a strong fan base. You don’t have to be a metal head to like dig Mind Assault.

Donovan : The ravers, they come to the party.

Patrick : And they love it, and they ask us where’s our CD.

Donovan : And also, you know Sacryfist, were gonna be doing a tour with them in February.

Jacques : They’re coming down here for one weekend, then were going up to Joburg with them.

Francious : Our first out of the Boerland.

Donovan : Fresh from the farm.

Patrick : We can call it Out of the Boerland.

Jacques : Thank God.

Ant : So uh, what have you got planned for the rest of the year with Mind Assault?

Jacques : This Year?

Donovan ; Were playing a festival, in Robertson.

Ant : Is there a bus?

Donovan : Yeah.

Francious : And then were playing in a fair somewhere else.

Donovan : With the hoggs, in November. Were playing this weekend at Lannards Landing.

Francious : We’ve played to all the people that we know now, and we need to find more audience.

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Mind Assault Interview
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