Mind Assault DVD Review - F*# voort en Suip baie

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Imagine a kaalkop slapping the naked ass of a “flapping” flashing sexually disturbed metal-head whilst an un-expecting of the circumstances around him beer bonging drunkard is trying to swallow. Not an unusual scene from the boys of Mind Assault and friends.

Jacques “Ollie” Fourie – Vocals
Francoise “Flapper” Pretorius – Lead Guitar
Patrick “Rapid aging disease” David – Rhythm Guitar
Donovan “Baby face” Tose – Bass
Andries “wie” Smit- Drummer

Featuring the likes of Natanial and internationally artistic notorious chef Wes, Mind assault bring home almost 2 hours of well rounded family entertainment…

Or is it?

14 ½ tit shots
5 Flapper cock shots; 1 attempted Donovan KG look a like cock shot
Andy slapping naked man ass 9 times
2 Second macho Black Hand on macho Black Ass action
1 manhandling of garden knick-knacks
Puke, nasal, ass on face, pulverized insect and toilets

What more could you ask for?

Music. In this department Mind Assault deliver as we have never seen or heard before.
If any of you caught the first DVD, this release drinks it under the table!

With the new Drummer ------- they rock harder, seem tighter and are far more powerful than ever before. Not disrespecting Stephan, their former skin beater, who’s mutually moved in a different musical direction and good luck to him.

Lest not forget that these lads could take on the Irish when it comes to putting away the pints. In fact I cannot recall a scene where there’s only a bottle or two present.

If you have morals, stay away.

4 ¾ out of 5.

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Mind Assault DVD Review - F*# voort en Suip baie
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