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For those of you who havenít played it before, Medal of Honor was one of the games that set the benchmark for military based first person shooters


Platforms: Playstation 3, PC, Xbox 360

Game History:

For those of you who haven’t played it before, Medal of Honor was one of the games that set the benchmark for Military based First Person Shooters or FPS, but by in large were always set during World War 2, with German troops being the heavy handed foe.

What makes the new Medal of Honor different is that, Tier 1 is a massive reboot of the Medal of Honor series and where it differs from previous outings, is that it’s set in the world of a Tier 1 Operator (special forces), operating out of present day Afghanistan.


Brief Rundown of the Story:

You play through the eyes of a Tier 1 Operator with the codename Rabbit or as a US Army Ranger called Ramirez. The Story lets you work through different scenarios in present day Afghanistan, with missions varying from quick in and out information capture and blowing up supply trucks, lying in brush sniping with a .50 calibre M82 Barrett sniper rifle and shooting at targets at a distance to running and gunning through mountainous regions.

The areas you fight in can be anywhere from little remote villages, dusty hills, Afghanistani Airbases to Snow covered Mountain Peaks.


The game has 2 different modes: Campaign Mode (Single Player Story) and Multiplayer.

Campaign Mode is pretty fast paced and really enthralling with the constant action keeping me glued to the game for hours. The Campaign Mode really lets you feel like you’re part of the experience as your comrades constantly shout orders at you, meaning you don’t have time to sit still and enjoy the scenery.


The only flaw being that the story is really short. Campaign mode even on Veteran difficulty is only   5-6 hours long. One moment you’re sitting there thinking "F**K YEAH" the next you’re scratching your head wondering "is that it?"

That to me is the massive failure of this game. The story while really entertaining and action packed is really short.

The Multiplayer Mode to me was a massive let down as well. The Multiplayer or MP was by enlarge based on the Battlefield Bad Company 2 MP and shares many of its flaws and irritations.

The only differences to Bad Company 2 are that you’re able to choose from 3 Classes: Assault, Special Forces and Sniper and upgrades for the various weapons being unlocked as you gain more experience, completing either Team Assault (Team Deathmatch), Sector Control (equal to Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2’s Domination), Hot Zone and Hardcore which offers you a variation of the game modes but with increased bullet damage and a great deal of your HUD (Heads up Display) missing.

I personally hated the multiplayer. The opposing team had the irritating habit of staying at the starting base or Spawn Point and with the layout of the maps were able to "spawn kill" my team with ease and trap my team in our spawn which happens with annoying frequency on every map.

The respawning of your team is haphazard and frighteningly predictable. Regardless of how many enemy troops are in your Spawn Point the game will not switch Spawn Points unless one of your team makes it to the other teams Spawn Point by some quirk of fate, enabling your opponents to pick you off in your base as you respawn.

Also the variety of maps is poor. Electronic Arts or EA for short (game developer and distributor) have only offered 3 maps for the MP which compared to other leading Military based FPS games is poor. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 offered at least 8-10 maps and another 2-3 added for certain MP modes.

Nils’s Verdict:

If you’re not bothered by playing Multiplayer and have no interest in doing so, I’d say buy this game as a stop gap, as the story is really good. If you’re however looking for the complete package, I’d avoid this game like the plague and save your money for something worthy of your hard earned cash.

I’d give this game 4 out of 10 with the game only moderately being saved by the Campaign mode. Without the entertaining Campaign Story I’d give this game 1 out of 10.


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Medal of Honor: Tier 1 - Reviewed



by TerrorBear Silver

    Someone should do a CIV 5 review, i am so hooked on that game, MOH is a pile of steaming shit left behind by a rap listening homeboy from Edgemead.

    Posted   2010-11-26   10:23:00

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