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Hello peeps. Here we are asking some questions to Mr. Hatemonger himself, Bryan Viljoen. Firstly for those of you old enough to remember, Id like to state that he has no affiliation to the former SADF general sharing the same surname (I think).

Now that we have that out of the way, let me give you a brief introduction to the man. Bryan was one of the creative geniuses behind the band called Insurrection back in the day. They recorded several songs/demos/compilations but unfortunately never got to where they should have. Now Mr. Viljoen is going strong with a new band called ...ING. We ask him a few questions about past and current events in the scene.

Hello Bryan, how are you doing on this shitty day?

I’m doing just fucking great!!! Thanks for asking…….

First and foremost tell us about ...ING. When and how was this band formed? Give us some a brief HIS-story.

Well there’s actually quite a bit of history behind the band. When I made it back from overseas in 1999 I moved to Durban from Johannesburg. There I met up with an old mate (we went to different schools together!!!), Henk, and started a thrash band with Jason Marais (a legend in his own right) on bass and Jamie on drums. I played leads and did vocals while Henk would provide all the background feedback (which incidentally still does from time to time). But sadly/happily I moved from Durban to Cape Town. 6 years later ING was reborn as Henk moved here. This time with Paul on leads and a talented yet mechanical drummer, I-POD!!! …..only to be replaced later by Francois who is also a wee bit of a legend in these here parts (not strictly for the right reasons….LOL)!! This time I decided to take on the bass, an instrument I’d been dying to master!!!

Why the name ...ING? Rather bizzare-ing odd for a band name don’t ya think?

Well it’s basically everyth-ing!!! Drink-ing, kill-ing, hate-ing, love-ing (I put that one in only for the chick readers lol), mosh-ing, slamm-ing etc etc etc. I might be incorrect but I think it may also be the god of fertility…….even though I may be past that phase….LOL

Musically, how would you describe the ...ING sound?

Well a mix of sorts. Thrash, punk, death metal, power metal. It’s limitless yet memorable.

One thing that has always fascinated me is the central theme of the band. Hate. Why hate? Why is hate so important?

Let’s face it. Hate has been the central theme of most metal. This, for us, is a piss take. Everything we do is entrenched in oxymorons. The fact really at the end of the day is that love is limited but hate is infinite especially when it comes to the negative attitudes of South Africans. What we do is have fun with it.

However do you think you’d score more pussy if you sang about love ?

I think you’ve answered your own question there. We’re not doing this for pussy. We’re doing this for the love of metal!!!!!

You get to talk a little between your songs, describing what the next song is about and so forth. Since you rip off everyone including Christians, Jews, Chinese, Muslims, etc, have you ever gotten a pissed off patron attacking you or something similar? If not, I’m sure it’s bound to happen. Are you afraid Pagad might firebomb you?

We’ve never had someone pissed off…..or at least no one we know about. You can’t make enemies when you have enemies in common. If someone takes us that seriously, they will lose out on the diversity they are surrounded by. However, the people that do seem to take things a bit too seriously are the Muslims, but then we won’t find any inside pub where we’re playing, so they won’t be subjected to it. If anything they might enjoy us picking on all the others too, and then make peace and live happily ever after. Fuck yeah……LOL

Personally ...ING sounds like a combination of old school thrash/hardcore with touches of death metal. What are your influences musical or otherwise?

It’s difficult for us to define as we mix so much of our past and present into the music. Paul loves his punk, Henk loves death and thrash metal and I love all types of metal, punk and psychobilly. If you listen carefully, you will pick up all these different influences in different songs. This meanders out of the boredom of any specific genre.

What music have you been listening to lately? Any good bands of note?

Well there are too many to mention. My personal choices would be Cannibal Corpse – Kill, Finntroll – Ur Jordens Djup, Dropkick Murphy’s – Sing it loud. Paul – any thing and everything by The Exploited. Henk – Yrkoon. Francois – Josh Groban…..hehehehe

What’s a typical ...ING gig like? I’ve been to many of your preaching sessions but describe it your own words.

It’s fun. It will put a smile on the face of even the most hardened goth. It’s like waking up on a Sunday morning knowing that you don’t have to go to church at 9am……LOL

Have you been gathering many fans for the period that ...ING has been preaching the word of un-love? What has been the public’s reaction to ...ING? Is it a love/thing?

Very hard to judge, I hope we’re managing to get through to some folks!! Sadly, everyone leaves with a big smile on their face and a lot more drunk!!! I think it’s more a case of hate love-ing thing!!!

You were in a previous band called INSURRECTION years ago when you had more hair on your head. Let’s talk about this forgotten (by most) history. When, how and why was it formed?

Let’s first get this straight…….I cut my hair, I never went bald!!!
In 1991, 4 mates from Springs, Gauteng, decided to start a band. The boredom of having nothing to do in the East Rand was just getting too much, so we all decided to buy instruments and get jamming!! After practicing our asses off, in 1992 we made our first demo called "Good Day For Dying". The demo got some radio play and we were put on the bill for a "battle of the bands", fighting for a spot to play with Carcass in JHB. This was our first gig ever. The turn-out was about 400-600 people, needless to say we shat ourselves. We didn’t win, but it was that night that the bug of playing live really bit.

What led to the demise of INSURRECTION? Do you feel you guys could have accomplished a lot more if INSURRECTION were still around today?

We wanted to take it one step further and launch ourselves overseas. Support started to dwindle so two of us packed our bags for London and awaited our drummer. There was interest from Music for the Nations based on the whole Umnikelo E.P. concept that had gumboot dancers and African drumming. But sadly, Jimi our drummer couldn’t make it over and Dean and I had differences. That was the final nail in the coffin. I think Insurrection would have been reborn in London had Jimi made it over. We were scheduled to do a European tour with Vader and Sinister in 1997 and I believe it would have been the chance we needed to establish ourselves in Europe.

You played and toured with the cream of South Africa’s Metal scene back then with INSURRECTION. What are your fondest memories?

There were many. But not many that I can actually remember. We had confrontations with irate church people, irate policemen, irate dj’s, irate club owners, and irate town councils. But my fondest memories would always be the fans!!!!!

How do you compare the scene of 10-15 years ago with today’s scene?

It was a lot bigger. Hell in Springs we could pull a crowd of between 200 and 400. But I really do think the scene is going through a rebirth, albeit a little nu-metally. With the resurgence of thrash overseas and a disenfranchised and marginalized youth here, I think things may turn for the better.

So when do we get see a full-length album by ...ING? Have any labels taken an interest in your sound?

Well it’s all a question of time before we put out a proper album. No labels have taken an interest as yet and we’re past caring if there is interest. To be quite honest, this band wants to leave a legacy. This is partly the reason we have our songs available for download and to be distributed freely. We would like nothing more than to cover our rental and touring expenses. The pipe dream of becoming rich and famous from music is all but completely gone. This is about passion and giving back to a genre of music that has given me so much for so many years.

Any final wise words you care to say to our awesome alteye audience?

Come to our gigs; keep the faith, rock on. See you guys real soon!!!!!!!!



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Ing Interview
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