Glass Casket: We are gathered here today.

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Now before I go and give details about this band and its music, let me just tell you something about me first!

I am a rocker! I love rock music of all sorts! However there are some bands and rock genres which I like a bit less than classic rock such as Led Zeppelin, Hendrix, AC/DC, or Thin Lizzy!

When I was asked to review this CD I had no idea what I was in for! I popped it in to my laptop, turned up the volume and got thrown back to the back of my room shitting my pants in fear! Glass Casket is a brutal, fast paced death core band which creates scary, angry as fuck sounding music! So on the emotion impact side of things, it will give my gran a heart attack, the pastor who lives next door to me is probably arranging an exorcist to visit my house very soon, the other neighbour’s kids are still crying and as for me, I’m still wiping my ass!!

Musically, this band knows what they are doing! The sheer pace of their songs demands precision and a knowledge of each others parts in each song! The Guitarists have written technical and complicated riffs and leads that will leave any aspiring guitarist scratching their heads, staring at downloaded tabs spending hours trying to figure out just how the hell they play this! To match is a drummer who probably sweats buckets of fluid to keep up with the demanding pace! The vocals range from a demonic growl to a gut wrenching scream!

As hinted earlier, this aint my cup of tea personally but I know there are plenty of death core fans who will absolutely LOVE this shit! One song that stood out particularly was Track 8: In between the sheets. There was even a video on the CD to watch of it! Brutal in the beginning with an awesome slowed down melodic lead in between the chaos!

Key tracks to listen to:

Track 4: Fearfully and wonderfully made

Track 6: Chew your fingers

Track 8: In between the sheets

You will like this if you’re a fan of Cannibal Corpse/ Job for a Cowboy/ The Black Dahlia Murder.

Glass Casket is a deathcore band from Winston-Salem, North Carolina. They were originally called Gadrel when they released their first demo To Cherish A Falsity. The band formed after several members previous band Narayan broke up. Dustie Waring and Blake Richardson are also currently members of progressive metal outfit Between the Buried and Me. Adam Cody is also currently a member of the grindcore band Columns. Jake Troth, who joined Glass Casket prior to the recording of "Desperate Man’s Diary," also played in Columns, but left the band in 2007. He was replaced in Columns by John Stone in October of 2007. In December of 2008 Adam joined North Carolina metal/hardcore band Zero System. He currently sings for them.

Guitarist Dustie Waring has stated on Between the Buried and Me’s message board that Glass Casket is currently writing a new record, and are set to be releasing it sometime in 2009, stating it will be more "brutal" than Desperate Man’s Diary.



Current line-up

  • Adam Cody - vocals (currently vocals - Anything on Fire, Columns) Jake Troth - guitar (currently guitar - Jacob Rogers) Dustie Waring - guitar (currently guitar - Between the Buried and Me) Sid Menon - bass guitar, vocals (currently vocals/guitar - Yearling)



  • Ian Blake Tuten - guitar (currently guitar - Firelight Saga)



  • To Cherish A Falsity (2002)
  • We Are Gathered Here Today (February 10, 2004) We Are Gathered Here Today Reissue (March 21, 2006) Desperate Man’s Diary (June 27, 2006)

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Glass Casket: We are gathered here today.
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