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We pick at Artur Pereira’s brain about the gentle art of making tribute shows .

It was about 11 o’ clock when the beers started to kick in ...

It’s a cold and wet Wednesday night and I’m at the Mercury watching the Faith No More tribute show . Now this might be a good time to say that I’ve never really been a fan of FNM , at the same time I’ve never had any profound dislike for them neither , but after this show i was tempted to go and get all the albums and play catch up . 

Mercury is buzzing with familiar faces and the atmosphere has a slightly anxious yet pleasantly tipsy feel to it . The band takes to stage , they are :

m/ Kevin Rule as Mike Patton (vocals)

m/ Artur Pereira as Mike Bordin (drums)

m/ Ameer Saban as Roddy Bottum (keys)

m/ Jonathan Commerford as Jon Hudson (guitars)

m/ Paul Opie as Billie Gould (bass)

They open the set with ’Midnight Cowboy’ and right off the bat it’s sounding great , Kevin is moving around the stage as if he’d forgotten to take his Ritalin for a week and is singing the songs as if he’d written them himself , hitting the notes with ease .From there they go into ’From Out Of Nowhere’ and ’Digging The Grave’ , These guys have certainly done their homework , Ameer on Keys filling out the sound as Jon grinds away one catchy riff after another .

’As the Worm Turns ’ then ’ Land of Sunshine’ , the crowds eating up the songs and heads start banging , there’s hair everywhere . Time for another shot ...Tequila i think . It arrives just as they start playing ’ Gentle Art Of Making Enemies’ , this song I do know and join in the sing along with my fist in the air . Next up ’Midlife Crisis’ ’Cukoo For Caca’ and ’Kindergarten’ , Paul’s bass sounds amazing , at times hitting his distortion and ripping out killer bass lines with ease ...I WANT THAT SOUND ! . 

They end off with ’We Care Alot’ ’Jizzlobber’ and ’Zombie Eaters’ . "MORE , MORE" we shout . Kevin announces one more and Artur announces 3 more and somewhere someone in the crowd sheds a tear of joy . There’s a rumour that Artur was born with 2 sticks in his hand and if you’ve seen him play (which you probably have ) you’d agree . 

The last 3 songs ’Collision’ ’ Caffeine’ and ’Epic’ , all get a raging applause and alcoholic shouts of delight . The show was awesome and i think they should take it on the road .

I grab a beer and get a one on one with Artur about the show and other things of that nature.

Miggs: How was the show ?                                                                                           Artur: It was pretty cool actually ! It was a good turn out .

M: I Really enjoyed it , made me want to go out and buy the albums .                               

A: HAHA sweet !

M: So everyone on stage are from different bands , name them , you have ten seconds.     A: I play for VOL , 3 More White Guys and occassionally with Half Price and Taxi Violence , Ameer plays for Cold Hand Chemistry , Kevin is in VOL and Dismantling The Architects , Jonathan is from VOL , Paul Opie from Lithium and Throatball .

M: So why Faith No More and not say .. Brian Adams , which i hear you are also a fan of ?     A: HAHA ..The reason we did FNM tribute is because they are doing their re-union tour this year , we actually wanted to do it the same night as their first show , but there were complications and this was the only date we could get .

M: OK , so this FNM tribute falls under the All Star Collective , tell us about that .                 A: The All Star Collective started when VOL started doing the Pantera tributes on the anniversary of Dimebags death , and then Kevin and yourself did that Metallica tribute , and then the Alice In Chains one and then for my birthday last year i wanted to put on a show using people from different bands like Hogs , Half price , Sleepers , 7th Son , Fokofpolisiekar and a whole bunch of different guys , and what we did was play cover versions of songs from bands that I picked and chose guys that would best suit those songs . There was about 26 of us altogether and the response from that was pretty good . From there , spoke to Kevin about doing a regular thing . So we redid the Alice In Chains one and now the Faith No More one .

M: I think it’s a great idea .

M: Do you have any other tributes coming up ?                                                               A: We are in the planning stages of doing a Rage Against The Machine one , from the responses i gotten for that looks like it’ll be big . Also a possibility , a Guns ’n Roses one and a proper Pantera one .

M: Whats your favourite FNM album ?                                                                               A: I dunno , I don’t have a favourite , they’re all good . I got into them on the ’Angel Dust’ , but each album has its own flavour and style and each song has a different style . They’re all equally expressive .

M: Ever seen them live?                                                                                                   A: No , I frikkin wish ! 

M: I bet Kevin has .                                                                                                       A: Kevin has actually seen them twice but he was really young . He saw them when they played with Soundgarden and guns ’n Roses in Paris , he was like 8 or something .

M: Seeing as you’re a self proclaimed Faith No More fan , maybe you can pass this simple quiz.

A: OK                                                                                                                         M:Question 1 - What was their first album ?                                                                     A: We Care Alot                                                                                                           M:That is correct ! Question 2 - Where is their hometown ?                                               A: San Fransisco                                                                                                           M: Correct! Question 3 - this is rather easy , name one of Mike’s side projects ?                   A: which one , there’s Mr Bungle , Fantomas , Tomahawk                                                     M: Correct , well done . See if you can answer this one , multiple choice  .Question 4 - One of these people tried out for FNM when they star......                                                             A: Courtney Love !                                                                                                         M: DAM ! You’re good .                                                                                                   A: HAHAHA

M: Alright , anything else you wanna say ?                                                                       A: I would like to say that everyone who’s played these shows with us have all put in 110% and have put in extra time to do this and it is very much appreciated . These guys put in alot of effort and don’t get much back in return , Thanks .

Well all in all was a good night . Thanks to Artur and the guys for putting on a sick show . Look out for the All Star Collective shows , bound to be awesome .



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Faith No More Tribute Show - We Care Alot
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