Eminem: In My Skin

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This kind of sat at the bottom of my pile until I had absolutely no choice but to crack its spine and examine the universe of bitches, 9mmís and righteous anger barely contained between its covers.

Fan I am most definitely not, a little fascinated by the larger than life Marshall Mathers -aren’t we all?

Eminem as a comic book hero kind of makes sense. With an undeniable knack at existing on a multitude of media platforms, his erratic persona is transmitted to his loyal army of fans through a frenzy of video and print.

Another thing Eminem has a knack for is choosing the right people to work with. The team that brings you "Eminem -in my skin" is the same team that brought us the gritty graphic representation of Kurt Cobain’s downward spiral in "Godspeed." Their second project showcases a piece of work that has evolved from grit into a highly polished diamond.

It is powerfully written, the angry rhymes and hip hop rhythm are completely infectious. You will want to read this all at once. The Illustration is magnificent -dirty with harsh lines- yet subtle enough not to overshadow the impact of the rap like soliloquies.

Things I hated -well it is pretty much 8mile all over again. There is no suspense or surprise, the plot is the same soap-operatic life story we’ve been bombarded with in all the Slim Shady madness of recent years.

As far as graphic novels go it is entertaining, with some memorable moments. It gets a 6/10 for style.

Excerpt: Marshall ’s Prayer

Our Father

Who aint livin in this shithole Hallowed be thy name

When’s your kingdom gonna come


Coz I’m just about done.

In Detroit , which is a long

Fuckin way from heaven.


Give me and my baby our daily bread

Give me a record deal,

So I can use the gifts you gave me

And get my family a little nearer

To your kingdom.


And forgive me my fucking trespasses

So that I might try

To forgive those motherfuckers

Who trespass on my property.


And lead me not into temptation

For mine is a kingdom,

Of anger. And of fury,

Forever and ever




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Eminem: In My Skin
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