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Save the deviousness of art - save the world!

In this 21st century world of instant communication there is a great deal our forefathers would gawk at. Christopher Columbus would have undoubtedly crotch punched any man (or woman) for suggesting a future where the entire world is visible to whom ever may be interested.

Nonetheless here we find ourselves. Even a ten-year-old runt in front of an average PC, farting around on Google earth, can venture out across isolated terrain and back again within minutes.

With leaps and bounds (whether forwards, backwards or simply round and round) having happened in the world of science, geography and global humanitarianism (or lack there of) since the time of Columbus - it is interesting to note that along with it has come a great deal of fluff and gumpf. All I really need to say is ’the internet’ and I’m sure many will agree that along with the good is a damn lot of bad (to be recklessly 2-dimensional).

To be clear I am not your average Facebook and Myspace basher. You certainly won’t hear me say things like ‘pick up a phone, give him a hug, why don’t we touch each other anymore – where’s the interaction, the human touch people.’ No that’s not me, however, its hard to ignore a lot of the social networking, herd-based, lemmings mimicking B*llsh*t that’s going on now days. (For a mind bending read on some industry opinions regarding the Facebook phenomenon please check out ).

However me being more of a positive bee I’ve decided that rather than bashing platforms that annoy me – I’d rather promote those that blow my mind with their innovation and beauty. Thus the crux of this article and more articles to come in the future: an introduction to some seriously awesome worth while profile and community based platforms - that do in fact offer a unique, yet focused, spin on networking and communicating your bad self to the world.
Enter: deviantART aka - experience the deviance

deviantART is hailed as the world’s largest, most vibrant and relevant online community focused specifically on ART. Home to a global population of artists and art aficionados you can visit this site to browse the largest collection of art anywhere on the web. Share your own personal creations (in both art and literature) with a global community. Meet and interact with new and existing friends - and participate in a global, interactive, art collective.

Right off the bat, the biggest collection of online artwork EVA! First appearing in April of 2000, it now has over 14 million monthly global unique visitors and over 4.5 million registered users. This website is a monster of a gem for art fundis and stickmen experts alike. Yet outside of the art community, not overexploited, the initiators and developers ( have made a tremendous effort to stay true to the needs of the community attracted to their site - with innovations and new features a frequent affair.

Number 85 on the top 100 global sites - deviantART has over 36 million deviations (posted artworks by artists who have registered profiles) and 70, 000 deviations are added daily. What makes this so surprising however is the deviantART growth has always remained 100% word of mouth – no small feat when looking at the figures.

With art ranging from digital to traditional mediums, to literature in the form of poetry and prose... deviantART is home to many different types of art, artists and art enthusiasts. Receive real critical feedback on your own artwork and get the chance to partake in a communal ritual of art appreciation and collection, rather than just meaninglessly throwing fake descriptions of food around at each other on Facebook.



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deviantART Review
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